nobody here but us chickens

that’s what people drink

i’m procrastinating, which is something i only ever do when i have to write a paper.  right now i’d much rather be curled up with some Sherlock and hot tea, in my moriar tea tee, and dozily sneaking in a nap.  tee hee.

but i’m making a silly post and not writing my paper.

i worked the scholarship competition this morning, which meant driving in wretched winter weather.  but the kids are adorable in their nervousness and the parents are generally very fun to talk to.  they’re so proud.

and then i watched Miss W go off the diving board 3 times and do the backstroke all on her own.  and i was proud.  she has taken to using the phrase “i love me some” … i quietly roll my eyes and wait for her to outgrow this particular grammatical atrocity.  i suppose it is no more or less offensive than my lack of proper capitalization.

i’ve just this minute realized how late it is.  we should have much protein for dinner.  we eat so poorly on weekends.



  1. ScottO

    i love me some capitalization

  2. Candis C.

    Wow! Oh wow! I would love to see Miss W jump off the dive board and do back strokes all on her own. I am proud. Just reading. I am proud.

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