nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday

but i had the tea

long hand.  i did it long hand.

i imagine there won’t be any links at all.

you sure are

Capitals, woman!

So, I too, have been guilty of using the phrase “I love me some.”  And right here on this blog, no less.

Ok, that was almost entirely operator error.  However, it’s still not how one would normally log in.

It’s been a while.

you had your fun

It is my space.  It must look like my space.  I must be comfortable.

Ah, course descriptions.  That’s going to take forever.  I would kill to have two monitors again.

When they say liberal arts education …

I just don’t like Arrested Development.  There.  I said it.  It’s unfunny.  And I can’t stand Portia de Rossi.  And David Cross completely creeps me out.  Any why does Jason Bateman look so much like Nathan Fillion?  Someone tell him to stop that.

you didn’t have to

If the rumor about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan is true, I think it’s perfect.  What a thoroughly British name.  Benedict Cumberbatch, not Khan.


So many meetings.

I need a Mad Men wardrobe for this job.

this tomato loves you

Every time I type “Thanks,” I type a capital H in addition to the T by mistake.  Every time.

Uncontrollable, violent gagging.

It’s a PDF printer.  It’s not the fate of the free world.

music music music.  I need music.

mmmm French Breakfast at work.  I usually only drink that at home.  I go with a utilitarian Lipton for a work morning.  The French Breakfast is a nice treat.  Thanks, Mister.

If you look at the word “break” long enough, it stops making sense.

how can it

Oh good, my presence here has created bitterness.  Yay.

Um.  Thanks for leaving that behind.  That’s exactly what was missing from my day-your broken fingernail on my desk.  I’m sure that will come in useful.

that’s good enough for me now

I’m going to have to transcribe.

meetings meetings meetings

Maybe I should reconsider a BFA.  I’m never going to graduate.

Dude.  You need to stand still.

so darlin’ tell me

These are the most uncomfortable chairs EVER.

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about their low horse?

He reminds me of your cousin’s husband.

Bored now.

Card carrying member.

I wrote “office peon perspective.”  It totally looks like I wrote “office pr0n perspective.”

I wouldn’t call it green, exactly.



  1. red

    i refuse to use capitals. or capitols.

    khan as in ‘the wrath of khan’ or genghis?

    i rode in on my low horse.

    • AntiJenX

      but what about your principals and principles?

      as in wrath of.

      it’s better than the horse i rode in on.

  2. Bunny

    You only have one monitor? WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?

    • AntiJenX

      I know. I thought that very thing.

  3. Bill

    I love me some Arrested Development. haha

    • AntiJenX

      sorry. unfunny. 😉

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