nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday

she didn’t even pack her bags, but ran away with the wolves

Reading and re-reading my brilliant friend Derek’s poetry.  Shooting and shooting and none of it seems worthy of the words.  I should give up.


My scissor hand hurts.  Notice I spelled scissor correctly.

Very long meeting up ahead.

Bless me!

Cookie bouquet, you say?  Intriguing.

I can hear the buzz.  The buzz must die.

Chary.  There’s a word you don’t see every day.

i feel better now

superheroes superheroes superheroes

Being a secretary is weird.  Very weird.  I definitely need the Mad Men wardrobe.

So sleepy today.

Take control!  Yeah.  That’s what you need to do.  Uh huh.

That poor Jehova’s Witness.  She’ll never come back to our house, I bet.

Chat N Chew.  Sounds ominous.

you are

Well.  Drinking half a bottle of wine first isn’t really an option currently.

Oh look at that!

Please pick up your feet when you walk!

My head keeps saying we need a number but we don’t.  We need a word.

Well.  Low self esteem isn’t really one of your issues, is it?

left me blind

Abraham Lincoln.  Yeah.

Mine is an

I need a superhero food.

Ack!  How did my desk get so messy?

Batterang cookies.  That might work.

Immiseration.  Now there’s a word I have never seen before.

I really like this bag.

I wonder what kind of frosting would be delicious on a batterang.

I hate sugar cookies.

na na na na na na na na na na na

Almonds have no business in my chocolate.

Well, that’s an interesting question.

Bat signal surprise.

I think I’m getting a bruise on my pinkie from these scissors.  Notice how I spelled that correctly again.

ok.  It was funny for 5 minutes.  I liked the photographer and libertarian ones.  I had a chuckle.  But ENOUGH with the “What X Thinks I Do” meme.  Enough.  Just stop.

My job is so weird.

I need a Diet Coke.

put your arms around me now

I’m deeply dissatisfied with the music on the zune lately.  It’s all skip, skip, skip, skip, play, skip, skip, skip.  Very frustrating.

Uh oh!  Sirens.  I didn’t do it!

starry eyed.

I need a snack.  Did I already mention that?  I need a snack.

How odd.

give up my whole world

I really need this water bottle for work.  Really.  Need.

Some people are just entirely too far away.  It’s been too long since we’ve been in the same town.

Oh look.  It’s time for scotch.



  1. ScottO

    I feel better, too.

    I bet you look killer in an A-line dress. (What? I had 3 older sisters.)

    I bet that’s happened to me at least 4ive times today.

    Almonds have no business. Except maybe amaretto and Coke. Diet Coke?

    Who needs amaretto when there’s whisky?

  2. Mike

    BATTARANG COOKIES!!!! They would definitely work.

    And what Scott said. I’d wolf-whistle for sure if you were in Mad Men stylings. It’s you.

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