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Random Wednesday

you’ll break your crown

It’s leap day.  I suspect there will be many jumping photos today.  But not by me.

So rainy.

Scare quotes.

I voted.  I love voting.  It’s true.  I love filling in those little bubbles.  I love my Proud to Vote sticker.

I can’t believe the Flatirons only had one album.

They’re putting in new tile.  I want tile.  And bamboo.  Could someone come do my floors?  Thanks, ever so.

Must remember to unlock door. Must remember not to lock it back up after.

So it looks like Romney took Michigan.

Powerpoint.  I think I only like you slightly more than Excel.  And I do not like Excel.

Walk Run Walk Run Walk Run Walk Run

We need a zombie survival class.

Holding out.

All of Miss W’s youtube channels are showing up in my feed.  I think she’s commented on things as me as well.  Because the world should think that I’m a huge fan of LPS Zombie Bride.

You have to switch a flip.

Alien parasites will do that to you.

White text on black background messes with my vision.  I can’t stay on blogs like that long, no matter how good the post.

“Why is 8+8 16 and not 17?” she asked.

So when I was still at my old job I had this dream, and it was really funny.  In fact it still makes me giggle.  Well, apparently I wrote it down and saved it on my thumb drive, because I just found it.  And I’m sharing it with you, you lucky bitches …

I had this dream that I had this fart.  It was this long constant quiet fart -like I had sprung a leak.  I was at work but there weren’t very many people here and I was trying to get to the bathroom and Kayla, my pal, was just in awe of this fart and she was going to the bathroom with me.  In the hall we passed this lady who works in the building who has this weird immovable hair.  So we were in the bathroom and I was just hoping this fart leak would just stop already and we were attacked by spies or something and I was pissed (we were apparently undercover operatives, I think this all stemmed from this talk about how we should have our own TV show, except for the fart part) and I was yelling, “I can’t believe you attacked me when I’m busy farting!  What is WRONG with you??  You just don’t attack people when they’re farting!!”

I hope you spit something on your keyboard laughing.

Did I share that with you before?  I don’t think so.  Anyway, it’s still hi-larious.

I’m thinking about volunteering for that.  I’m trying to figure out how I’ll have time for that.

So I threw my phone in my pocket and it did stuff.  So some people might have gotten some odd text messages from me.

There’s a “Women’s History Month”?

A conspiracy theory class would be awesome.

I don’t want my lunch.  Maybe I’ll walk down to Subway.

The bunny and I want to go here.  The woman who owns it is from Kalamazoo!

ping.  ping.  ping.  ping.  ping.

I’m over this “multiculturalism” word.

Huh.  Where did McDonald’s go?

so happy you could

Free cookies at Subway today.


So probably it would be unprofessional to put my birthday on the master calendar for the office, huh?  What?  They GIVE me these things to maintain.  I’m bound to have fun with it in my own little way.


(or as Miss W says, Fewf!)

once, i wanted

Bear chili!  I still think K’s team should have won the cook off.

ok.  She’s kinda driving me nuts right now.

I love that movie.

My work station is not remotely ergonomically comfortable.  Who designed this nonsense?  The desks are too short.  So the monitors sit too low.  My posture is worse than ever.

I’m developing a rather dramatic headache.  I could really use a massage.

I’m almost done with this sweater.  I should be able to wear it to work soon.  Unless I look stupid in it.  Then it will have to be gifted to someone who won’t look stupid in it.


I’ve been SPEAKING to people all day and it’s like they physically cannot hear me.  And I am not mumbling, Mister.

It’s gorgeous outside.  I did not want to come back from my walk.  It’s almost 60.  It’s almost skirt season!!!  I love skirt season.  Please feel free to send me cute skirts, as ever.

I certainly hope that the judges continue to rule in favor of private citizens because Constitution!

I better eat this banana before it’s all rotten.

Tights should come with sticky plasticky things on the bottoms so when you walk your feet don’t slide down and cram your toes all up in your shoes.

Oooh, I’m making the owl sweater next.  So cute!

I always type stagg instead of staff.  Always.

Oh, is that what the control in control top means?  I suppose that’s one way to lose weight.

Holy mega wind, Batman!  Glad it wasn’t like that when I was on my walk.

It’s positively sinful, you shouldn’t want to wake up.



  1. ScottO

    As I’m sure you know by now, Romney won the state as a whole, but he and Santorum split the delegates evenly. FWIW

    I like Powerpoint less than Excel, but I think I’ve had more success with the former.

    I will treasure that text message of “d8jjfa83m” forever.

    You should put the anniversary of this blog on the office calendar. Call it, “National Images of Doing Stuff Day” or something.

    Obviously the furniture was designed by leprechauns. Look behind the bottom drawer for a pot of gold!

    You could probably make a fortune selling tights with sticky soles. All you need is a clever name. Might-ee-tights. The Toesaver. You get the idea.

    I certainly think bear chili would be better than staff chili. (Do you have Stagg in MI?)

    • ScottO

      Oops, now they say there’s no splitting. Hmm.

      • AntiJenX

        I saw this morning that it was split, which is ridiculous because we’ve already been penalized half our delegates in the first place. I haven’t had time to look at the recent news.

        If I had any idea at all how to MAKE tights like that, I could probably retire early and be a happy happy girl.

        I don’t know. What is Stagg?

  2. red

    the fart story makes it seem longer, i think. 🙂

    bear chili sounds good.


    • AntiJenX

      maybe a little, but it’s totally long this week.

      doesn’t it?


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