don’t look down

Boy am I ever having a craptacular week.

I’m coming down with something.  I was thinking I went the whole winter without catching anything once, but I just remembered a nasty cold last October.  But the whole rest of the winter I was hella healthy, even with all the uber overtime.  Bah.

Well.  That was certainly my favorite way to start a day.

I shouldn’t even be posting today.

Let’s find something positive, shall we?

Miss W’s performance was so great.  You could tell she was a little nervous when she delivered her line as a narrator, but she knew it, she said it, once she got it out she had a huge grin.  I was so proud of her.  The kids did such a fantastic job.

The weather is absolutely beautiful, although today it’s inching toward the actual hot side.

There is way too much beard happening in that picture.

I do not feel that I am adequately prepared for this exam.  Which is adding to my stress.

Go home and flip your chicken!

Jesus, it’s beards and babies every where I look.

I can’t find Red.

No one has a sense of humor any more.

I could seriously close my eyes and be asleep within 5 minutes right now.

I just realized my window is open and the AC is on.  Oops.

Communicating with robots.

I don’t speak your crazy moon language.


Proof that all I have to do is breathe and I piss people off.  I’ll try not to let the power go to my head.

I think I need some ibuprophen and a snack.

Oh!  I keep forgetting to pick up my Imitrex refill.

Roof pig!  Most unexpected!

Ooooh I have goldfish crackers!

Damn You Autocorrect never fails to make me giggle.  Thank you DYA.

Oh.  Apparently I also have Sun Chips.  Yum.

Not really my scene, thanks.

I don’t really hate that timeline thing on fb any more.

Shut up, Bust.  This shit is funny.

Sometimes I wish I spoke Latin.  I have no idea why.

Also on the list of things I do not know: I don’t have any idea what I want to be when I grow up.  I think this is the main reason that I have yet to graduate.

Super mega ultra clearance sale at Textbook Alley!  Cheap hoodies!

Bah.  I’m going to bomb.  I wonder if I’ll get credit for managing to stay upright long enough to actually take the exam at all?  I’m guessing no.

I still sometimes miss working at the library.

I went to a colloquium yesterday.  I feel like an academic just saying that.  I am very much not an academic.

These are the places.

Oh there she is.

You’re my favorite kind of crazy, babe.

That burger is bigger than my skull, I will never be able to eat that.

This radio station sure plays a lot of Journey.  It’s like they built the station around Journey and then just throw some other classic rock crap in between Journey songs so it’s not quite so glaringly obvious that they really just want to get into Journey’s pants.  Don’t stop believing, classic rock station.  Hold onto that feeling.

Jason Isaacs is really damn hot.

I hate being sickish.

The heat is making my cheeks red.