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Random Wednesday

you shall not pass

Starting my Wednesday off with some murder songs.  Thanks, Mister.

Because it bears repeating.

Ooooh.  Photoshop CS 5!

Broken broken broken.

I keep thinking it’s Red’s turn.


Old Dog night!

The problem with posting you fun links to music and things is that later the links get broken.  That’s not fun.

My fingernails are too long.

damn.  I just don’t know.

I’m pathological.

I wasn’t even Catholic for that long.  Maybe the guilt is just instilled at baptism.  Bastards.

I don’t like the prickles in the roof of my mouth waiting for a sneeze.

Both a visual and audio treat.

Gonna be a super short post this week, I’m thinkin.  Which is fine, really.  Just how much of Random Jen can people be expected to take?

I don’t even understand the words you are speaking any more.  Just stop.

It is SO LOUD IN HERE.  There is an actual jackhammer in the next room.  I can’t take it.

Woo hoo!  Out two hours early on account of not being able to THINK.

Damn, Old Dog night reschedule.

Almost done with the sweater, and now it’s getting too warm to wear it.


We’re checking out season 1 of the Killing.  I’m liking it.  I’ve always liked Michelle Forbes, ever since I saw her in Kalifornia.

Maybe I drink too much tea.  I’m starting an infuser collection.  Please feel free to send me quirky tea infusers.  They will hang in my kitchen and be happy.

Speaking of hanging.  I need to find a way to hang my Enterprise pizza cutter from the ceiling.

My Twitter pals are so awesome.

Wow, I think I can be done with the knitting part of this puppy tonight.  Then an eensy bit of underarm seaming.  Some ends to weave.  Et voila.

How am I in the mood for pizza?  Oh, right.  I’m almost always in the mood for pizza.

My new coworkers and bosses talk politics.  My old office absolutely did not.  My new office is very liberal.  I don’t say much.

Oh holy wow, I totally forgot about Bennett.  Thanks for reminding me, sweets.

she’s as sweet as

Bill Janovitz does a gorgeous version of Tupelo Honey but I am unable to find a link for you.

Tiny erasers.  So cute.  Little wiener dogs and turtles!

Stop chewing ice, husband.

Oh treadmill.  I love you and I loathe you.

I’ll be your plastic toy.



  1. Bunny

    I got all tickled when I realized I was one of your links.

    • AntiJenX


  2. red

    do i want to know what ‘Old Dog night’ is? if so, please tell me

    it’s not my turn, but you know that already


    • AntiJenX

      old dog is a bar here that has half off ladies’ night on wednesdays and they have good food and the hipsters don’t go there. you have to pay cash on ladies’ night. i’ll take you when you come visit.

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