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Random Wednesday

 they belong to themselves

But I don’t want to run the tornado drill!

Pax anyone?  If you don’t get it, watch Serenity and tell me I’m wrong.

Could not be reached for comment.

I bet the drill will happen right in the middle of staff meeting.

So sleepy.

Oooh, I learned something new!

It did.  The drill happened right in the middle of the staff meeting, right in the middle of my sentence, in fact.

I keep typing ot instead of to.

I haven’t been at my desk all day.  I’m taking lunch a half hour late!  Days here are so very schizophrenic.

I want my nails to look like this every day for work.

Last night I could not remember how old I was.

Son of a

There’s a rock in my boot.

Such a gorgeous day!

Old Dog is on!  I love a good bar with no hipster element.

Oh interesting.  Anne Rice is going to be at C2E2 in Chicago this year.  I met her once in East Lansing at a reading.  I think I read that Nicholas Brendan was going to be there as well.

Oh it’s pi day.  Now I want pie.  I love apple pie.  I wish I had some now.

Ten years since Firefly??  How can it be that long?

Really?  A copier convention?  Wow.  I really am a secretary.

Thank the Gods I’m also the photog around here, or I’d go insane.

Ut oh.

bitter bitter bitter


Shit.  I suppose it’s probably too late for my walk now.

I hate you, Webmail.  With a fiery vengeance.

It’s ok.  Try to calm down.

I have no music for you today, I am sorry.

I need new work clothes.  Kind of desperately.  Please feel free to send me stuff.

Ok, I have succumbed to Benedict Cumberbatch’s charms.  I admit it.

I cannot book you a room for free.  You’re just going to have to pay.  Or cancel the launch.

I’m starving.

I always seem to be starving when I make this post.

I think tomorrow I will take the new camera home to play.  The new camera needs a name.  But I’m not sure about the name since it’s not technically mine.

I’ll have to think some more I think.  Think.  Thinger. Thinkin.

OMG.  8 minutes to ladies’ night and scotch and friends and food.

I need LightRoom at work.

I think the secret motto of this university is “It Is What It Is.”

Great bluegrass band at the tavern tonight.  Well.  Only two of them were there.  They did a fantastic cover of Wagon Wheel.  I love that song.  Bill was super nice and gave me his cd.

There.  There’s some music for ya.

Look how late I am!  I should just post this.

Shh!  The whispers.  I can feel it in my bones.



  1. Beth

    my new boss always has dirty fingernails. She has horses, but that doesn’t excuse a lack of proper hygiene. maybe I should create a Pandora bluegrass station…that would be #11…how many do you reckon they let you have for free?

    • AntiJenX

      probably just the one, unless i bat my eyelashes and ply him with scotch …

  2. ScottO

    I think I’ve heard the Bynums. They are pretty good.

    I always get a rock in my boot. Or shoe. No matter how tight I think I tied it, about 2 minutes after we start I feel the poke, poke, poke. Drives me crazy. Er.

    I’d send you work clothes, but you might wonder what it is I think you do.

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