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Random Wednesday

Mark Steyn last night!  He was awesome, as ever.  One of these times we need to actually meet him.

The Mister made me the best mix tape.

Man.  Ryan Gosling everywhere.  I. Don’t. Get. It.

Nugent for President

meeting meeting meeting

I kind of like it.

Bless you!

I need to wash my hair.

I don’t think I like these words.


I hate this bra.

Now I have that song stuck stuck stuck …

I wish I had a donut.  I should have stopped at Dunkin this morning.

This is probably not enough tea to make it through a staff meeting.

No, I was not actually born in 1797, despite what I may have typed …

I do not like dried fruit.  Fruit should be juicy.

I’m disenchanted.

No, that was not enough tea.

So neat!

I wonder how I became data girl.  Not really complaining.

Quirky photographer librarian data collecting behind the scenes.  Quiet.  Quite.

It’s true.  I am a complex individual.

great ideas

I’m not sure I belong here.  I’m not sure I belong any where.

“when we love each other, we’re not the possession of the other,
we’re not an object of consumption for the other person.”



Head. Hurt. Bad.

I hate this bra.


10 seconds!

Mist the sunflowers.  Mist them.

I don’t want to read that.

Wind Map is my new Zen.

No ladies’ night til May!  Boo.

I’m starting to really dislike Imitrex.

I need my lip balm.

Miss W is all about the ghosthunters.

I think I might be in the mood for some Buffy.

The phone is a ringin’.

Oooh.  I know what I’m doing on lunch tomorrow!

The filmy shadow of a fading dream.


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  1. red

    i’m with you on the dried fruit thing. i’d eat a banana chip if i was starving to death, but that’s about it.

    here’s for your disenchantment:

    jesus prehensile christ!

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