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Random Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again already?  How did that happen?

I can’t find my pen.

Read Outlander again?  Yes, please!

Oh dear.

Coordinate the building.  If I can get it to stand still …

What’s American Spoon?  My new battle cry?  American!  Spoooooooon!

Yeah, probably not.

If you missed this, you NEED, (yes, really, need) to listen.  Stunning.

diatomaceous earth

3 day low grade headache right in the front of my forehead and nothing is working.  *sob*

Surprise meeting!

This is what kills me about government.  The government only exists because we give it power.  At what point do we remove that power?  At what point are we able to eliminate programs that have proven time and again to be a massive waste of our money?  Like the TSA, for example.  I fully accept the fact that a government is necessary for the maintenance of (MINIMAL) infrastructure, protection of our borders, police, etc. and the collection of (SOME) taxes in order to pay for those things.  This government, though.  What we have right now.  It’s so massively out of control, so obscenely bloated and ineffectual … I don’t know.  It should terrify you.  It terrifies me.  TSA.  What a joke.

I dreamed the Mister and I were taking some shooting class and I had forgotten to replace the personal protection rounds in one of my magazines with practice rounds and he got all annoyed with me.


Don’t bring your knitting to gun class.

There is way too much mustard on my pita.

What is the fashion term for “I’m tired of my clothes?”

tea and cakes.  cakes and teas.

I’m always trying to type commerical instead of commercial.

What a nutty day.

Oh this is a lovely cuppa tea for sure.  Wish I could join in the tea party!

I wonder if I could get him here.

Oooh rainy afternoon.  I’m in such a good mood.

If I could get him to follow me on Twitter again, I could ask him.  Hmm …

genuine calrod

Extenuating circumstances!

click click click

Oh, the tea party looks fantastic!  Such a good job!

I’m so very ready for dinner.

Hi YA!


math math math math math

Because I’m insane, that’s why.  Because I’m just never going to graduate.

Your project is due when??

I should probably find a thing to put the stuff in.

What will happen to the zombies while I’m gone?

I have places to go!  People to see!

I just remembered an old NOFX song … perhaps you shouldn’t listen with the children.

I can’t believe I found that on Youtube.  I really didn’t expect to.

We’ll be together again, don’t you worry.


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  1. ScottO

    Stabilizer of nitroglycerin. Thanks, Alfred Nobel.

    What if the government said to do something, and we all just said, no?

    I believe that’s “spring season”.

    I never worry. Well, hardly ever.

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