nobody here but us chickens

the hour is ending, can’t you see? there is no way now to get free.

forty. (filmy)                                                                                                ~shadow of the season
the screaming trees

most of my dreams lately have been about work, which is making me a little nutty. but last night i dreamt that the Honors College was presenting a sort of ensemble talent show to showcase our music and theater students. i was in the seats during a sort of informal dress rehearsal and a girl went up on stage. when she started singing it took me a minute to realize what song she was doing. it was a very minimalist, slowed down version of this and it was incredibly beautiful.  i shot this yesterday for TRC, but the title came directly from the dream.



  1. ScottO

    Wow, that’s a good song. I’ve never heard anything by them before.

    There is a young lady on Twitter by the name @BaileyConnell, who plays guitar and sings, and makes videos. She might be willing to do what you’ve dreamed of, with that song. That would be neat to see (and hear).

    • AntiJenX

      I love these guys, thought they’re no longer together. Mark Lanegan, the lead singer, has sever solo albums out that are really great. I wouldn’t mind hearing her version, if she was into doing one.

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