nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday


I don’t think people who don’t own property should be allowed to vote to raise my property taxes.

I do not understand the mind that thinks this looks good.  Fucking hipsters, man.  So ridiculous.

Holy wow that was a long meeting.  Aaaaaand here comes another.

I want a cupcake.  A big chocolate one.

Sorry I crashed your party.

I need a zombie arm for my yard.

I probably work for the wrong higher learning institution.  Is Hillsdale hiring?

I’m a little

Man my head hurts.

If I’m doing it that way I need a theme.  I think a theme.  Don’t you think a theme?

I could really use a nap.

Could it be?  Could it really be my birthday present?  Really truly really?

mmmm goldfish mmmmm


I still have never heard that band.

I wish I had a chai.

Yes, I think I will join, thank you.

Do you think we could get Adam Baldwin here?  I don’t know.


No it’s not.

I love Helena Bonham Carter.

UPS store.

Gar?  I don’t even know what that means.

It is!  It is my birthday present!!!!!

It’s just so completely awesome.


You’re a – hot dog – but you’d better not try to hurt her –

We haven’t seen Fee in ages.  He should come for a visit.

Stupid Capri Sun changed the boxes and now they’re all hard to open.

Well.  I wasn’t expecting that.  How strange.

I have to I have to

Oh bloody hell.

It would be nice to have the entire In Death series in e format.

I haven’t given you many links today, I was literally in meetings for half the day and swamped after that.  But I really love this song.  So have a listen.

Oh!  Look at all the stars!



  1. red

    it’s a predaceous freshwater fish covered with hard, diamons-shaped scales and having long jaws and needle-like teeth. duh!


    • AntiJenX

      oh. maybe i did know that.


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