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Random Wednesday

The first Random was 8/18/2010.  I’m thinking of putting them all together in a book.  Like a weird, professionally bound diary of oddities that only occur on Wednesdays.

The Great Gatsby in 3D?  Really?  Just because the technology exists does not mean you have to use it, Hollywood.

Also I really don’t like Leonardo DiCaprio much at all.

78 today.  It’s only 46 now.  It’s like living in two different hemispheres or something.

I’ve had this weird headache for days.  It is not my usual headache.  I do not like it.

Emus.  Man.

Ahhh meeting.  I have so little to report.

I need about 24 solid hours of sleep.

Still feeling like a party crasher.  Just care a bit less this week.

Oral history.

I’m not really a clutch carrier.  You can’t fit a book in a clutch.

Jesus.  Why does my elbow hurt???


Why yes!  Yes, I did just bite my tongue so hard I drew blood!  Yes, it does hurt like a bitch!  Thank you for asking!

Rough draft, roughly drafting.

Aw!  She brought me a cookie!  Best student staff ever.

It’s not every day you get told that you’re remarkable.

I keep forgetting this window is open.

I think it’s a good thesis.  A very, very important person will be missing, but I might be able to do something about that.

Stars and Stones, woman!

Harrison Bergeron wore a weighted vest too.

Everyone left.  I’m here alone.

want want want want want

I don’t think I like the texture on this silverware.

I think MWF always leaves me feeling RUSHED.

Stars and stones and hell’s bells.  That’s what it is.



  1. bunny

    I watched the trailer for the new Great Gatsby today, and while I think some parts of it might be okay, I prefer a more quiet, simmering and sinister Gatsby. And mostly I hate 3D.

    • AntiJenX

      smoldering and sinister is better.

  2. ScottO

    You can fit an iPod touch in a clutch, and a large number of books on the iPod touch.

    Ugh. Emus.

    Or it may be that these oddities occur, and possibly do other things, but only on Wednesdays.

    That window is not open. In fact, it’s playing things quite close to the sash.

    • AntiJenX

      Aw! Poor dog 🙁

      I don’t have an iPod touch. I do have a really awesome new tablet though. It’s small, but it’s still too big for a clutch.

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