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Wednesday, in Random Fashion

Argh!  Watermelon juice all over my bag.  Disaster.

I hate having dreams about money.  They’re never “Oh, we just won millions of dollars!” dreams.

You should go back, and reminisce.

The Random Confederacy is almost done.  Only 5 more weeks!  Doesn’t seem like it’s been nearly a year already.

I just feel like I’m entirely out of synch with the rest of the universe today.

I totally forgot about that.

Hot N Now reopened???

Great, now I have THAT song stuck in my head.

Bad vibes around this building today.  I’m not the only one who is wonked.

Great lunch with old work buds!

Tag!  You’re it!

I need a Diet Coke something fierce.

More stuff to do.  Finally.

Why hasn’t anyone brought me a Diet Coke yet??

It’s not horribel.  I keep typing that anyway.

And toady instead of today.

I wish it would rain.


It’s a little chilly.  It’ll be a little chillier tomorrow.  I think pants.

This, to me, has a very Bowie feel to it.  Somewhere in the late 80s.  87 ish, I think.

I have not gotten nearly enough done with the house.  I’m sort of stuck.  I need more help.  SITGR could come and we could get it all done in a weekend.

I wonder where the mail is.

It is taking me forever to finish this dinosaur.  It’s like my everything is on hiatus.  I just haven’t felt like knitting at all.

It’s just not like me.

I wonder if it will really rain tomorrow.

I think Robert Downey, Jr. is dreamy.  And so do you.

I think this iced coffee would be better if it were actually iced cappuccino.  We used to have a great recipe at the cafe I got fired from that time.  (Which was totally not my fault.  Gorram yuppie jerk.)

I think I should close this window.

Jackie Sorensen.  Sorenson?  I can’t remember now.  Spandex.

Another pot luck.  God’s teeth.  Save me from potlucks.

Our trees seem leafier this year.  There’s bigger shadow back there, I think.

Goats and bees.  Bees and goats.

I don’t know all the questions yet.

That mixer is arthritic.

Cookies?  Peanut butter bars?  Oh I know.  The chewy chocolate drop thingers.  They haven’t had those yet.  Damn.  A trip to the store.

It’s ok.  It’s not the zombie apocalypse or anything.


I’ve been there, I know the way.

Those robots are dangerous.

I guess it’s a tea pot collection now.

I will not eat that cookie.  I will not eat that cookie.  I will not eat that cookie.

Only 11 days left?  Really?  It just goes faster and faster.

It’s just not warm enough.

Professional.  Professional goofball, maybe.



  1. bunny

    Aw. Reminiscing makes me feel horribelly sad.

    • AntiJenX

      don’t feel sad. feel hopeful.

  2. ScottO

    Really? There have been only 47 of these? Why does it feel like much more?

    Gosh, I am horribel toady.

    • AntiJenX

      Not 47 Random Wednesdays, 47 of the shots I post on Sundays – the Random Confederacy project I’m doing with the Redhead.

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