nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday

Again.  Already.  Although at the moment, I’m not entirely sure it actually is Wednesday.

Eerie landscapery.

Who killed Rosie Larsen already?

Are you getting the message yet?

Why isn’t this working???

Straight hair.

I dunno.  For me it’s always the Old Spice guy.  I’ve at least seen one or two of those commercials.

Oof.  This is not what I was expecting.

Mail merges are awesome.  When they work.

This place is driving me to coffee.  What was it Giles said?  “Tea is soothing, I wish to be tense.”

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this, to the effect of “there is no bigger pain in the ass on this earth …” or something similar with possibly more f-bombs.  But that might have been on FB.

This is pretty much right on.  Except with the sun screen, make sure you have the right stuff, cos a lot of it will just accelerate the cancer.

I kind of really love her, and you should too.

testing.  testing.

walk it off, babe.

How fun.  If I were to ever get married again, I would want a Firefly theme.  Well, Firefly combined with Tim Burton.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Pineapple Pokopo

Commie scum.

I love you more than this goat rodeo.

Hell’s bells, I hadn’t thought of this in years.


Another meeting???

Hmm.  Yes, I’d say he rates lunchable.

Oooooh!  Meeting guy brought donuts!  See?  Some people know how to properly conduct a workplace gathering of workyness.

Wow, the donuts totally made that meeting worth attending.  That was long.  And I missed my afternoon walk.

Yay!  Film ready!  Should be some Seattle stuff on that roll.

Well.  I guess I’m just not that cool.

I might have crashed it.  But then I owned it.

I am so the boss of that now.

This is my favorite song today.

I don’t have any words for you.

I never wanted to be


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  1. bunny

    Oo! Film!

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