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Random Wednesday

poppies will make them sleepy

There is a very good chance that I am cranky right now.

Cool your britches.  I’ve been trying to remember that phrase for hours.

I thought it was a little passive aggressive and adding a winky didn’t really make it less so.

undesirable political sympathies

I wasn’t looking for declarations of allegiance, I was merely stating a fact.


Hmm.  Well that’s a problem.

I need to get a case of Slim Jims.  Yeah.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something.

Stop making that face.  No, really.  Stop making that face.

I don’t think I care for this turkey.

Miss W earned her Yellow Belt this week.  Which everyone knows by now, I’m sure, but she’s so geeked and it’s an awesome thing.  She’s kick ass at sparring.

Also interesting.  The Mister and I had a conversation once about the amount of vagina imagery in Cronenberg’s films.  There is a man obsessed.

Yeah, that’s probably not a good idea.

Look at me not eating one of those cupcakes.  Good job me!

“Totes” bugs me.  Just say totally.

Merry Christmas, baby.

Are you going to be my date?

So tell me already!

Um.  No.

8 second pr0n!

Better dead than RED

Apparently I put on my crazy pants for a minute when I said I’d go.

The cupcakes are getting harder to resist.  Must. Not. Eat.

I should have just finished it then.

I don’t mind that it’s my job, but it would be awful nice if I was told how to do it.

This watermelon is lacking.  I’m having food issues today.  The pineapple was exceptional though.

Dear God.  Why would anyone ever wear any of these things?  Ever???

If the father is charged with anything, it will be an outrage.  I would almost certainly have acted in the same manner.

This is a pretty fantastic video.

up against the world on a wednesday afternoon



  1. Momma

    Barak is not my daddy and doesn’t come close to measuring up to my daddy: Designer’s of women’s apparel seems to be desperate for new ideas…desperation is the only explanation for what I saw on the link you posted: W is kick ass ass everything she does: I would drive to texas to protest an indictment of the father who protected his child: I still love that Poppy! I think it is possible you have developed a slim jim problem, however, better that than my ice cream issue <3

  2. ScottO

    I dunno, the yellow one isn’t that bad. And that purple one…eh, no, that one’s ugly, too.

    As far as fat content goes, isn’t 1 Slim Jim = about 3 cupcakes?

    I wish my britches were cool!

    Congratulations to Miss W!

    • AntiJenX

      The fat content of 1 cupcake to 1 slim jim is about equal, but the slim jim isn’t made up of sugar. So it’s marginally better for you. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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