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Random Wednesday

I thought it was funny that FB suggested I friend someone that I had been friends with and was not aware that I had been unfriended by.

Driving to work this morning with Chris Isaak on the stereo, in my t shirt and skirt, I went past Bells’ and saw Knee Deep Shag on the marquee and for just a tiny minute thought it was 1993.

Of course, my skirt would have been shorter then and I would have had some funky tights and Doc Martens on …

And I never was a Knee Deep Shag fan, but they were nice fellas.

Ouch.  That’s all I can manage.  Ouch ouch ouch.

‘we attack the mayor with hummus.’

Geniuses.  One and all.  I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why Occupiers should have our support.  I am probably going to be waiting for a long long time.

20 years.  Damn.

I should just clean up the old fb anyway.  Weed out likes.  Etc.

Enough of this headache please.

I don’t know why the phrase “alpha order” bugs me, but it does.  Maybe it’s the combination of vowels that I find objectionable.  Just say alphabetical.  It just sounds better.

For Miss W and her awesome cartoonage.  I think this may be the only Black Lab song I’ve ever heard.  But I do love it.

Synopsis. Synopses. Synopsesises.

I think I like cats better in theory than in practice.

I really hate it when you yell over my cube to talk to the front desk.

It’s the first day of summer.  I’m afraid that implies it will only get hotter from here.

You know what musta happened?

Lunch is a problem.

Perhaps I should have gone with different shoes.

I could use a nap.  And some really good drugs for this headache.

I would give you all the money in my pocket if you could fix this headache.  Don’t get too excited, all the money in my pocket is a quarter.

I think it might be too hot for my walk.  le sigh.

Why are you being such a jerk?  What the hell did I do to you?

I don’t know why peas are standard in pot pies.  I hate peas.

I do not recommend preparing your pot pie in the microwave.  It is not delicious.

I look like I’ve been caught in a very humid wind storm.

Oooh, this looks like fun!

I’ve been invited to join a network for film, television, and theater creatives.  Which is great.  But.  I’m not a film, television, or theater creative.

Ghost micvgharl Jackson just xrashed my computer.


There’s just a certain etiquette.  I just

It’s ok.  You can message me.  You don’t need to post stuff.

Sheesh.  More babies.  Taunting me.

That’s quite a

Oh!  I like this!  I might have to try making it.  Of course, it won’t look nearly as nice.

There are a surprising number of inactivated fb accounts in my friend list.

I don’t know why the lack of a thank you card bothers me so much, but it does.

cept you

A Democratic Republic.

Not the kind of awe you’re going for?

It’s entirely out of my hands.

I suppose it’s as good a place as any to store peanuts.

Huh.  Not even invited.  Nice.  I think I need a break from 99.7% of the world.



  1. ScottO

    What size of synopsis do you see when you synopsisize…something?

    I agree. “Alphabetical order” has a certain rhythm to it. “Alpha order” is abrupt.

    But you are a film creative. Just not moving film.

    As good as any? o_O

    The secret is in the crust. Microwaves make inferior crust.

    All your hummus are belong to us!!

  2. ScottO

    Oh! Oh! And thank you. You are correct: it is the etiquette.

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