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Random Wednesday

And we shall give them pancakes.  And they shall be delicious.  The pancakes.  Not the people.  The pancakes will be delicious.

July is way way way way way too busy.  Too much happening in July.  I’m feeling panicky.

Wow, I was out there a  long time!


New tires today.  Finally.

Why is it called Magic Mike?  What’s so magical about him?

Everything I’ve read about this whole Katie Holmes business, and honestly, why am I reading anything about it at all?  But everything I’ve read sounds like a woman running from an abusive husband.  Scientology is creepy shit, man.  Now they’ll sue me for saying they’re creepy.  Bastards.

I am not bringing homework to the tire store.  It’s too complicated.

I’m so hot.

God, I wish it would freaking rain.

Well.  What should have taken an hour is now consuming my entire day.

I need lunch.

I can’t keep all this stuff straight.

It’s weird not to have a Random Confederacy shot coming up this weekend.

This heat is actually affecting my thinking.  My brain is not working properly at all.

it’s it’s it’s

Edit.  Edit some more.  And then some editing.  I still haven’t finished my Washington trip.  SO busy.

I don’t really get the word “amazeballs.”  Of course I still use slang from the 80s, so there’s that.

I do not take good fireworks photos, and I’m ok with that.  I love shooting Miss W with long exposures on Independence Day.  I’ve done some of my favorite images that way.

Oh boy.

There is no such thing as cool.  107?  Jaysus.

I’m going swimming.  Fuckit.

The Tick likes his new tires.  Even though it took all frickin day.

Melty milk chocolate M&Ms are among my favorite things ever.

I think my thesis project is going to be good.

When are we leaving?

Apparently I’m supposed to rinse my tea leaves before steeping.  Huh.  Which reminds me, I still haven’t ordered tea.

The actual temperature is now over 100 degrees.  It’s not just the “real feel,” which was 107 earlier.  I mean it’s hotter here than it is in Vegas.  Which is a desert.

Don’t you mean bloop?

I haven’t done any homework today and I’m totally ok with that.

Um.  This is not my tire, Discount Tire.  My tire was not half bald with a big gash in the sidewall.  I am not happy.

Man.  I’m so sweaty.  It’s like I never even went to the lake.

Well.  It’s broken.  How bout that.

Very late dinner.  Bad habit.

I have to say, after that trip to the lake, I feel considerably less self conscious about how I look in a bathing suit.

The red head thing must run in the family or something.

I wish it was cool enough to knit.

Stop leaving, woman!  Jeebus.


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  1. red

    i have no idea why it’s ‘magic’. aside from a very, VERY lovely and entirely too fleeting shot of Channing Tatum’s bare ass at the very beginning, I found the movie to be lacking. WAY too little Joe. Oh, and thanks for making me explain what a penis pump is to my 16-year-old daughter, Soderburgh.

    its its its

    what ‘red head thing’ were you referring to?

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