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Random Wednesday

No, no. Don’t look now. Don’t look down.

WordPress fucked with my settings.  Nothing works the way I want it to any more.

I need July to be over now.

i just wanted

No one ever looks excited to be going to work at McDonald’s.

I just don’t see how you can be all “Obamacare sucks!” and then endorse Romney.  It’s a damn shame that Romney is the one who ended up with the nomination.  I really wish the GOP had taken Gary Johnson more seriously.

Yes, I am wearing the same skirt I wore yesterday.  Don’t judge me.

I am going to be in meetings for literally half my day.  Ooph.

“Would it be better for state government to only be comprised of two parties?”  Isn’t state government already only comprised of two parties?  I can’t think of a single third party politician currently in office in MI, though I could be wrong.  “Some political scientists have proposed that political machines can be good under the right conditions?”  That’s not really a question.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to respond to that.

Grr.   Argh.

Crap.  Fire drill this morning.

I think I need to address the lack of donuts at these meetings during this meeting.

Dear Lord, just stop already.

Argh.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through HSIRB. Oh good!  I don’t!

Ha.  Men in Belted Sweaters.  heheheh

and my copmplete inamnility to tuype today

I don’t know how I’m going to make it to Ladies and Lead tomorrow night.  When are we going to bathe this chicken?

We have the cake.

I changed my name to Miss Moneypenny.

It’s free Slurpee day at 7-11.  Do we still have any 7-11s around here?

I’m finding, these days, that more often than not, I really hate the internet.

Most of the time artist bios, which are generally written by the artist, come across as incredibly pretentious and conceited.  I have thus far avoided writing an artist bio (except for that one time when I tried to be as objective and self deprecating as possible).  No, really, tell me again how creative you are and what an artistic eye you have.  Please.  I think you should allow your work to speak for itself and reserve the bio for facts.  You can talk about what you were trying to do in an artist’s statement.  But even then, tone it the hell down.  There is no faster way to turn me off your work than to talk about how talented you are.

Oh my goodness!  I have font options!  OK, this takes some of the sting out of my annoyance with WordPress.

Wait.  Which font was I using before?


I’m not going to qualify my statement.  I’m not here to protect your precious baby monkey feelings.

I like cheese.

Friday marks the official start of my thesis project.  I’m excited.  I’m also hoping I get more responses because that’s 40 people and not even half have replied.

Well.  I have the paracord.

I wish I were half as cool as that woman.

“The House has voted to Repeal ObamaCare in a 244-185 vote.”  Yay!  But it’s fairly meaningless.

Absolutely haunting.

How about, instead of complaining to me about these petty little non issues, you just go ahead and make the change yourself?

I’ll see you before dinner, actually.

Breakfast Dinner.

I can’t think of a single food that sounds at all appealing to me right now.  I hate those phases.

I need to shave.  But I’m not washing my hair.  It’s too complicated.

Chocolate doesn’t even sound good.  I hate it when I feel like I’m forcing myself to eat something because then I just gag.  I’m hungry.  I just can’t find what I want.

Oh dear.  Double digit multiplication tears.  Remain calm, you’ll get it.

This calls for Norway candy.

I must go prepare Tennison for Ladies and Lead.



  1. ScottO

    What a gorgeous photo! Looks like it should be captioned, “I’m on a boat!”

    I’m sorry about the WordPress thing. I told them people wouldn’t like it. (OK, no, I didn’t.)

    I sorta wish it was last October. I could live through that winter again.

    I love that skirt!

    I always maintain that statements don’t require responses. Some people disagree. Vociferously.

    Can I get a free Vodka-lime Slurpee? No? Never hurts to ask.

    Wait, didn’t you have font options before? I’m so confused.

    If you wanted 30 replies, you needed to send out 120 requests. I took one statistics course, and that is what I learned from it.

    That woman must be awfully cool. Can I meet her?

    I’m not in a food mood, either. Wine, maybe. Gin, yes. Food? Meh.

    You should have the Mister wash your hair for you. The after bits may still be complicated, but there is little better than a loved one shampooing and rinsing you.

    I bet she did get it. Before you know it, she’ll be doing calculus.

    Thank you for such an inspiring post, Jen.

  2. AntiJenX

    Ha, I was on shore. Would’ve been way cooler on a boat.

    I had 3 font options. Now I have many many more.

    But there aren’t 120 to invite. It’s a very specific group.

    I dunno if you could handle meeting her, she’s pretty damn cool.

    She’s almost got it.

    I am only happy that I could inspire. 😉

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