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Random Wednesday

Oh, it’s only supposed to be 90 today. Yay?

Enough with all the Christmas in July.  Christmas in December is almost too much for me.

Sorry.  Should I make some sausages?  I should make some sausages.  Maple sausages.

I’m still having food issues.  Maybe it’s the heat.  I don’t know.  I’m hating it though.  I just want to eat and not have it be somehow traumatic.

Oh that Jennifer.  She’s not so bad when she’s not talking politics.  Oh wait … yeah never mind.

Death with a tan.

I am not at all ready for this exam.  I never seem to be.

There’s a whole universe there that I’ve hovered around.  There’s no landing pad.  Or at least not one I know the location of.

I’m just waiting to be

My weather thing says it’s 88 and storming.  It is most definitely not … ohhhhh thunder!

Nope, gonna go right on by.  No rain for you, Jentober!

Stop checking your work email, Jennifer.

Take Bat For Lashes off your iPod Jennifer.   They’re just never a good idea.

HST would have been 75 today.

I really kind of hate this class.  Or more accurately, I do not like the professor.  At all.  He doesn’t respond to the university email, which he is supposed to do.  He didn’t respond to his ridiculous alternate email.  His lectures were recorded in 2008, for Christ’s sake.  I’m irritated right now.  Very irritated.  His lectures and test questions are outdated.  He is claiming that more men than women vote today, but this is not true.  In recent years women outnumber men at the polls.  “In fact, in 2008, almost 55 percent of women ages 18 – 22 voted in the presidential election, about 8 percentage points more than men of the same age group, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.” (source: ABC news)  You’re a political science professor.  Shouldn’t your lectures be CURRENT???

I AM VERY IRRITATED.  I can’t wait to fill out the survey at the end of class.  This isn’t a class, it’s a joke.  What are we paying this guy for?

I KNEW if I left the windows down on the Tick it would rain.  Yay!  Wait.  Seriously?  That’s all the rain we’re getting?  Bastards!


I’m so tired of sweating.  I hate this summer.

I wonder if they’re having fun at the fair.

I can’t concentrate.  I should go sit in a coffee shop.  I hate sitting in coffee shops.

The heat, and this class, are making me grumpy.  I apologize.

I need some cowboy boots.  And a Stetson.  Yes, need.  What?

We should be ranchers of some kind.  I think that’s what I was supposed to do.

I’ve eaten 4 breakfast sausages today.  Wait, 4 1/2.  That’s not good.  And also most likely why I typed eated first.


And then some.

Pizza rolls will make them happy.

Wow, it’s late.  What a crappy post.

I haven’t been linking you much lately because they always come up as broken after a couple of days.  Which is generally wrong, and also a pain.  If you need music, check the thursday soundtrack posts.

Representative democracy direct democracy indirect trustee delegate stop saying innepenents.

Michigen.  Michigin.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to know the answer to that question when I’m no where near whatever it is that just happened.

I have to find something new to have associated with me.  Zombies are so mainstream now.  I’m thinking werewolves are the next big thing.

I need a much much much larger insulated cup thingamawhatsit.  Miss W calls them isolated cups.

Dammit, dog!

I need to pack.


I would be a really good governor, but I’d be a terrible president.

A very cold shower might be good.  Refreshing.  I have been studying all day.  I hate this class.

Wow.  KISS at the Allegan County Fair.  I should really go to that.

I saw so many huge country stars there as a kid.  Johnny Cash was my first ever concert.  I was 4 or 5.  I don’t think I’ve been to that fair since the 8th grade.

It was random cell phone pic day again.  I wasn’t terribly exciting, I know.

I suppose I should post this blog that I didn’t create.  Granted it’s not a small business.  I’ve never gotten a penny for it.  But it’s certainly entertaining.

Stupid exam on vacation.

These chickens are not going to bed.

Oh it’s the middles.  I better ride herd.  Or walk herd.  Shoo them.  Whatever.  Ba-gawk!



  1. Momma

    I love your random wednesdays, today I especially love the photo. I also think that if thats in is just about exactly what you need, it would really compliment the photos when you are target practicing. <3

  2. Momma

    P.S. I I would totally do you KISS with you at the fair. Just like old times, minus the country music!

  3. Momma

    P.P.S I gotta stop using the voice recognition software it always leaves mistakes in my posts. 🙂

  4. ScottO

    If he made his material current, he’d be forced to acknowledge the swing of the pendulum to the right.

    I always thought it was “innie pennants”, like fan flags for navels. The other side would have “outie pennants”.

    I am so glad you made this comment for me.

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