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Random Wednesday

It’s an election year, man!

Oh it’s meeting day.  This should be interesting.  And when I say interesting …

I finished Gonzo.  I don’t know.  The thing about Hunter is he sounds exactly like the kind of jerk I dated before I met the Mister.  Except, you know, enormously talented.  It astonishes me how willing people are to make excuses for that kind of behavior though.  Not just for people like Thompson, but “ordinary” people too.

I also don’t understand this about HST: How can someone so concerned with constitutional liberties have been so supportive of people like Jimmy Carter? I don’t know how you can reconcile being, for instance, a giganomous gun nut, and a staunch supporter of Democrats.  I don’t get it.  I would love to know what he would have thought of Obama.  I cringe to think he would have loved him.

I was a little post happy yesterday.  I do not apologize.

I remembered my lunch today, which is good, on account of lunch around these parts is ridiculously pricey.

Maybe some coffee.  Maybe.  Water would be better.

To my knowledge, murder does not cease to happen for want of a firearm.  “Outrage is not an argument.

I’m fairly certain, that while I am not a religious person by any means, this is a sign that the end is nigh.


an uncertain rendering.

I think I might be hungry.

I always type stagg first.  I mean staff.  I generally awlyas type always incorrectly first too.  Even so, my accuracy rate is impressive.

Oh it is raining!  I didn’t realize!

So glad I could help.

Yes.  Food please.

Hummus indeed.

Where did I put my phone?

The first major problem with this, if it were implemented, is that it would absolutely lead to the arrest and detention of individuals before a crime has ever been committed.  (A whole major motion picture was made about this very thing.  Something with that crazy pants Tom Cruise, not terribly good, can’t remember the name …) Second is this: “there would be no monitoring of identified individuals unless a warrant was issued.” This fails to negate the fact that ALL individuals would be monitored, without a warrant.  So you data mine for activity that could indicate potential crime and use this information to (illegally?) obtain a warrant for an individual who might commit a crime???  This is constitutionally unacceptable.

I’m starting to hate turkey sandwiches.  Someone help this picky eater with affordable lunch ideas.  Please.

You know what sounds good to me right now?  A chocolate cupcake.  A big one.  That’s moist.  And has really good frosting.  Frosting can completely destroy a cupcake.

Great mug!  Actually, I really love this necklace.

Wow, I’m actually cold.  It was supposed to be 90 something today, so I wore a skirt – my standard summer fare.  I’m almost wishing I’d worn pants!

Supersensitive.  Super.  Sensitive.

I’ve never been to a Chick-fil-A, we don’t have them here, but if we did, I assuredly wouldn’t boycott them based on an out of context quote that has been subjected to whacked syllogisms of IF you don’t support gay marriage, you OBVIOUSLY think all gay people are pedophiles.  Please.  That’s just being purposely obtuse.  I would love some evidence that one single person anywhere has been discriminated against by this company.  My posting about this doesn’t mean that I am for or against gay marriage.  I don’t bloody care.  What I care about is the right of a company owner to believe whatever the hell he or she wants to believe, including what constitutes a marriage.  And you can eat where ever the hell you want to eat.  But make your decisions with all of the facts.  Not what someone has selectively chosen to share with you.

It just isn’t that hard to |censored on account of CYA|

I realized this morning just how little tolerance I have for people who refuse to take any kind of personal responsibility.  I also realized just how many people I know who are like this.  This is largely why we don’t leave the Compound very often.

That “I am powerless” business?  Bullshit.  It’s a bullshit cop out.  But you keep living your life like that and see where it gets you.

I wonder if there will be a season three of the Killing.  With a new murder.  I liked that show.

I reached for my mouse and it wasn’t there.

I just noticed the word count feature.  Stunning powers of observation, Jennifer.

You look foggy.  Is this the dream sequence?

We need to be sure, Red!!!!

Uh oh.  New people.

You know how it is, I’m like poison ivy.  Some people are allergic, some people can roll around in me all day without a twinge.

I dunno.  Take an antihistamine.

I have entered the “Why can’t I just be a SAHM and knit all day” mode.

I still haven’t found anything to replace zombies.  Chupacabra just isn’t doing it for me.

Corrected spelling suggestion for Chupacabra: Abracadabra.

Organizational changes.

327 to 98!  Nice.  Audit the Fed.

We need one of these.

Post happy yesterday and verbose today.  I don’t apologize.

Ah fuggit.  You know what musta happened?



  1. ScottO

    *ratzen-fratzen* content filters! I must view mug and necklace later.

    If you tweeted that, I’m sure you’d get many predictable responses. You know what.

    I’m sure you know by now: Minority Report


  2. Dalee

    I’m partial to Necromancers myself.

    • AntiJenX

      Oooh, that’s a good one!

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