What a morning!  Day’s half over and I haven’t even started this yet.  Might be a short post this week.  Which might be a relief to some people.

I find myself repeating this phrase: “Again, as I was not in on that decision making process, I cannot tell you WHY.”


“Nobody likes paying taxes.”

it’s.  its.  IT IS JUST NOT THAT HARD.

You can’t look at otters and not be happy.  It’s just not possible.

I am very much looking forward to Skyfall.

Bless you.

They’re doing things in the ceiling.

Why would you eliminate an IP associated with a department?  That’s insane.

It’s not a laugh, it’s a cackle.

I’ve never been to that building.  It’s not like I have a lot of reasons to order signs.

It’s a sign!

I think, just maybe …

I’m so sleepy.  My left eye is nearly closed.

Things we do not have in our corner of the Mitten: Chick-fil-A, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, Costco.  We recently acquired a Sonic (which would require a roughly 40 minute drive from the compound, and so, I have yet to visit) and a Tim Horton’s, the location of which I am unclear on.

Things I will likely not get if you reference them: Commercials, most current television shows, most current film actors, most current bands or musicians.

I wouldn’t call it out of touch, so much as off that grid.  I say “I don’t know what that means” and “I don’t know who that is, Regis” a lot.

I really don’t feel like I’m missing anything.  Except the Bond part of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics sounded pretty awesome.  Also, I need to know who this guy on the right is.

You guys failed me last week.  Where are all my affordable picky eater lunch suggestions?

I don’t think I need a free sample of Meow Mix.

Right, that’s my official job title.  “Back Up”.

I changed my name to Miss Moneypenny.

Zombies keep out.

Old Dog night is actually happening this time!  It’s the first time we’ve gone since March!!!

Also I have an exam in the morning, so going to Old Dog night is a stupid idea.  I promise not to stay long.

Business cards!!!!!

awww babies!  Want one.  Stop showing me babies!

Generates more heat than light.

Yay for my new job description!  Happy Jen!  er.  Happy Miss Moneypenny!

Ah, it’s not just my corner, there is, in fact, only one Chick-fil-A in all of Michigan.

I was so good.  I had dinner and one drink and came home.  And dinner was delicious.  And it was all only 6 bux.  I think that actually made it taste better.

Hell’s bells!  I need this shirt!

I’m not ready for this test.

I say that every time I have an exam.

“I sure hope the CEO of Dunkin Donuts says something about religion soon,” said my internet friend.  Now Dunkin I have.  I can do a Dunkin Donuts support day.  Please can we have a Dunkin Day?

I love it when someone tells me that my posts make them really think about the way they look at things and why they believe what they do.  Makes my day.

Rational, baby.

Ugh. Exam.

I’m not a big Annie Leibovitz fan, I think she’s overrated, but these are fun.

I give up.  There’s something in my eye.