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Random Wednesday

No meetings today!!!! What will I DO with myself?????

I am so ready for this class to be over.  Almost there.

I’m sorry, but if you’re paying for your groceries with a Bridge card, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy alcohol.  You just shouldn’t.

I still haven’t ordered tea and I’m pretty much out. You know what this means, don’t you?  Lipton.

I’m pretty sure that your little graphic implies that you think I’m a Klan member, “friend”.  Not cool.

I need to just order different yarn.  That stuff’s all wrong.

It’s too early in the day for ignorance.  I’m just not awake enough for that.

I need a new quote for my signature.

These are fun.

What is the office supply store name for those little suction cups with hooks on them?  You know, that you stick on a window to hang an open sign on?  I need one of those thingers.

Well Amazon just calls them suction cup hangers.  Get with the program, Office Depot!

It costs twice as much to rent the e version of this textbook as it does to rent the physical copy.  I live in Bizarro World.

Hello headache.

Anatomy.  Blargh.

Pandora’s been really working for me this week.  Nice.

The main reason I would never want to be a cop is the surprising number of naked people they encounter.  There are some things I just do not need to see.

I love this song.  I’ve probably linked it before.

What?  It’s not like I keep a list.

If you’re a Waits fan and haven’t watched the new video for Hell Broke Luce yet, you need to get on that.  It’s just.  Wow.

I am ready for fall weather.  I am not ready for fall on campus.

I get cranky when my head hurts this much.

You have mojo?  Maybe I need to borrow some.

The Mister probably needs a really big frozen Coke.

Water is so boring.

Can someone tell me what’s so great about Bon Iver?  I just don’t get it.

It’s moving into my neck.  Send help.

Push ups suck for everyone, but lying on the floor in despair is not going to help you get any better at them.  Clench.  That’s the key.  Same goes for situps. If you can’t do a push up, you will not get your next belt.

There’s a man on the radio ranting about how freaking AWESOME Magellan was.  He’s very angry.

I would like to say I’m surprised that it wasn’t done, but I’m just not.   It’s a damn good thing I followed up on that.

There’s a stretch of road right in front of the hospital where I was born that smells exactly like antifreeze.

Pulled pork and salt and pepper kettle chips.  Want.

Almost done with this.  Almost 100% ensures that I will NOT see this.  I want the record to show that I totally called the unexpected bad guy.

Then again, I have a morbid curiosity, so I just might watch it after all.  But only after it’s on DVD.

Paracord, Johnnie, lighter, I think we’re a go!  Who’s in?

mmmm cran apple mmmm

Wow, I haven’t had to take an Imitrex in months.  Didn’t miss that at all.  I’ve just been plowing through the headaches.  Can’t do it today.  Imitrex, I loathe you.

There don’t appear to be any lectures for the last 3 chapters in this class.  That does not seem like that should be right.  Not that I miss the sound of Herr Professor’s voice mind you …

If I had a pond, I’d totally put otters in it.

Who told Hillary Clinton those shiny Nehru coats were a good idea?


I have to go now.  There’s a cat that won’t stop yelling.



  1. keeper of the life extension technology

    The guy on the radio with the Magellan stuff? That was good old Alex “One does not simply walk into Bohemian Grove” Jones.

    • AntiJenX

      I thought that sounded like him, but it seemed odd that he would be on our radio at that time of day.

  2. red

    so, i just finished ‘the killing floor’ about three months ago, and i seriously do not know what you’re talking about. it is shocking how little i retain from books i read sometimes. maybe it’s because i listened instead of actually reading. but probably not.

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