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Random Wednesday

Ahhh there is my meeting.  Yay.

I hate taking minutes.  I need an mp3 recorder.  Then I can transcribe later.

Man.  My tea was not the right flavor for such a long meeting.

No one ever brings me peanut butter cookies.


I never recognize Naomi Watts.

I need food.

My life is pretty great.

Maybe I’ll just leave an hour early today.

Ha, like that’ll happen.

Why are we still subsidizing Amtrak?

I won’t click it!  I won’t!

Oh Lord.  Just stop.

This is not going to be enough paracord.

It might be too hot for me today.

To Diet Coke or not to Diet Coke?  It’s been a stressful day.  I”m trying to resist.

Venting a spleen.  I wonder where that originated.

final exam final exam final exam final exam

so not prepared.

There’s a difference between

You know what?  Today’s post sucks.  Please accept my sincerest of apologies.  I’m mad busy and will be for the next couple of weeks.  I can assure you that things will return to normal in September.  Maybe I should just say we’re on holiday til then, eh?

Oh hey!  We can say I’m participating in the AUGUST BREAK.  hahahahahaha

The vampire fell off the wall.  I blame the cleaning crew.

It’s remarkable how quickly my email in box fills.

Red Dawn.  The Cold War.  The Red Scare.

Oh good.  My favorite thing ever.  Paying bills.  Whee.

There is no milk.  I am sorry for your troubles.

At your leisure.

I think I’ll be able to take a lunch tomorrow.  Maybe I should leave the building though.

Polka … will never die.

Peanut butter cookies should be large.  And chewy.  Somebody get on that, wouldja?

No, I did not Diet Coke.  Go me.

Program fee!  Bah.

But I don’t want to wait til October!  I want to know now!

Try not to vomit on your keyboard, Red.


Why does cranapple have to be so expensive?

I think we should be Highland Cattle Ranchers.  Yes, it’s a title.  As of now.

Must. Review.

Agent Moneypenny out.



  1. ScottO

    An mp3 recorder? I’ll send you our old one. Wait! Many phones have that capability.

    We had peanut butter cookies with lunch on Wednesday. They weren’t big, but they were sorta chewy.

    You can never have too much paracord.

    So proud of you for avoiding the Diet Coke, especially in the absence of milk.

    • AntiJenX

      I don’t have a smart phone. It’s kind of a dumb phone.
      I need some peanut butter cookies. I’m afraid I’m going to just have to make some this weekend.
      I just got a few hundred feet more, so we’re ok for a while.
      It’s a work in progress.

  2. Dalee

    Highland cattle are by far the cutest, with all their hair goodness. I hear they taste good too.

    • AntiJenX

      They do have the best hair in the bovine kingdom. That’s what I’ve heard too. If I get them someday, I will let you try the beef.

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