How is it Wednesday again already?


What do you have against goats?

I dunno, seems to me that Neitzsche was kind of an asshole.

I like Miley’s new hair.

Christian Bale keeps doing nice stuff for people.  If he’s not careful I’ll almost not think he’s an asshole any more.

Well, I’ll say this:  this job is never boring.

New Zen.  Wonderful.  This is good.

I am actually kind of liking the fact that I can’t look at the interwebs all day.  It reduces my chances of being pissed off by stupid people by about 78%.

I did not win an AR15 today.

world standard.

I feel like shooting something.

Taking the goat for a walk.


Oh.  Yes, please.

So much to read.

I think I’m going to have to actually leave the building every day at a set time if I want to get an actual lunch.  It’s not like I have a door I can close.  I’m not sure they’ll appreciate my putting up police tape.

No, really.  Do not fucking cross.

Doesn’t mean I’m the devil.

A new monkey!


Something must be done.  And soon.

These boots are adorable.  I need them in my size.

Cool and rainy tomorrow.  Yay!

But you’ve already lost.  Just go home.

Oops.  We should probably eat dinner.

I could do a book.  A book would be good.  Probably I’d be the only one to buy it though.

Well.  It may not be a fan club, but it works.

Oh Walter.  Goats don’t get to come in the house.

Probably not the best thing to read after lunch.  It will put you right to sleep.

Call me crazy but I’ve always secretly rooted for Rachel and Trent to get together.

If I ever do get rich, the first thing I’m buying is a pair of $300.00 cowboy boots.

Wow.  My whole house would fit in your living room.

Crickets ooze pus from their mouths to scare you.  ~ Today’s entomology lesson from Miss W.

Miss W is singing a song about “I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a dessertarian.”

Glue sticks go bad!

I really need to finish this damn map.

W is quizzing me on the state capitals.  This is serious business.

I need to

Wow, I know more state capitals than I thought.


Build a robot.  Forget about Skynet.

I like the 9th, thank you.  Yes.  The 9th.  Total Zen.