I can’t meet deadlines if I don’t know they exist!!!

Why does my right armpit sweat more than my left?

Oh for crying out

1 month to Halloween!

It’s ok.  I know.  But when you send me a friend request the third time, I’m going to ignore you.

I miss the 9th Doctor.  He was so good.

The police tape did the trick.  Quite productive.

Friday is going to be the longest day ever.

I wish the owls would be here in time.

that is some crazy soft yarn, dan.

35 days to Halloween!

I don’t think you can really call it a “trail” when a 3ft wide path has been cleared and paved.

Cute!  So many things I want to knit.  I need a job where I just knit and take pictures.  Surely that exists.

Oooh!  Ignore the ridiculous #Occupy reference.


It’s official.  I cannot complete a single commute without swearing at least once.

829 hours to Halloween!

moving.  not moving.  moving.  not moving.

“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.”  I like that.

It’s the flurry of passive aggressive emails that make my day complete.  Really.  It’s fascinating stuff.

meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting

49730 minutes to Halloween!

Why do they call it canning when they’re putting it in jars?

It’s going to kill me.  I’m exhausted.

i love you more than the master race

I fucking hate blister packs.

Did she have that look on her face like she just ate something nasty?

I am choosing to let this go.  I cannot handle this sustained amount of stress.  It’s not healthy.

Looking for my Zen.  Ah yes … that’ll do.

2983790 seconds to Halloween!

Well, it’s not exactly the happiest of subjects.

Ohhhhh kaaaaaay

I just never know what to make of Thomas Jane.  I thought he was an interesting Frank Castle.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten with it.  I mean I just look at his feet and think “He’s going to get ring worm!”  But that’s probably the mom in me.  As for the rest of it.  I just don’t know.

But this is awesome.  I really love Damian Lewis, I’ve been a fan for years.  And I think he does a phenomenal job in Homeland.  How cool for him!

My costume this year is so fantastic.  It’s a shame there isn’t a party to wear it to.  But I’ll wear it to work.  I always wear a costume to work.

I swear I just heard him say, “I used to be a man.”

stuff.  things.

An.  Not a.

Just in cases.

Don’t touch my ears.  I will take you down.

It requires a certain amount of complexity.

I am intrigued.

No fun mail today.  le sigh.

I’m feeling a trifle snubbed on this whole mix tape trade off.  Still waiting on my disc.  Such lameness.

ARGH.  You’re teaching grammar courses and your grammar is WRONG on your help page!  ARGH!!!!!