What’s this??  A Random Wednesday off from work?!?

Chicken wrangling.  Maybe I should go to work …

Yes, those are several very good words there.

I hate it when I dream about work.  It’s so unfair.

A bolt of burlap.

Outside all day?  Not really what I was expecting.  Where’s my scarf?  Where’s my umbrella?


Yeah, here’s another one that needs to die already: “That moment when …”  Variant: “That awkward moment when …”

I have no memory of eating that last apple slice.

The nightmares must go.  Go away, nightmares.  Poor thing.

I have no idea what to do for dinner.  My whole day is off.  Not used to being home on a Wednesday.

Course I wasn’t actually home all day …

Duck baby booties!  So cute!

It’s the babies.  They suck you in.

I want to be the home parent.  I don’t want to be the work parent.  I’m over the whole working mom thing.  I was never really into it in the first place.

I feel like making pumpkin bread.  Can’t have that for dinner.

Oooooh!  The owls are here!  The owls are here!

Damn.  $1.84.  Had I known Americans For Prosperity were there this morning, I might have driven the hour to get the Bush era gas rate.

Ok, probably not, but damn.

Damn, I forgot to grab a protein bar.

Oh it’s debate night.  Am I the only one who thinks that these are pretty much a waste of time?

And let Gary Johnson in already!!!

Alas, it looks like Gary is NOT going to be on the Michigan ballot.  Fantastic.   You know what that means don’t you?  It means I’ll have to vote Romney. I am not happy about this.

Amazon thanks you.

Man, I love the Compound in the fall.  So beautiful.  I am so lucky to live here.

I love this sweater.  I need twelvety seven more sweaters knitted with this yarn.  I wonder what this is.

Don’t chase the goat.

I still love Charlie and Lola.  I do.  Their little British voices just kill me.

I ask Red for the Doctor and what does she tell me?  He’s on tv.  What’s up with that?

I keep liking things on instawhatsit and it keeps not recording them.  So I give up.

Dexter and Homeland are back.  I’m less excited about Dexter every year, I think.

I think you put entirely too much thought into that.

I don’t mind making it if I’m standing there.  But I’m not going out of my way.  I don’t even partake of it.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

I’m going to need to order more tea already.  Sheesh.  It’s the colder weather.  I drink twice as much. My dentist says it looks like I smoke hash.  Thanks, Scott.

But.  But.  But …

I need a snack.

What??  We could have been going on Thursdays??  I wish we had known that.  Wait.  We could, in theory, go 5 days a week now.  Nice.

I think we need to get a couple of bows.  I’m gonna go all Geena Davis out here.  Olympics & shit.

I don’t like group projects.  My inclination is to just do the whole thing so that it’s done RIGHT.  Or, you know, my version of right.  Which is the ultimate version of right.  Am I right?  Of course I am.

So yeah, completely addicted to Dr. Who.  Why didn’t I check it out before???

I do miss the 9th Doctor though.  He was fantastic.

See what I did there?

Hot dogs eh?

Ack!  The pressure!

Crap.  The 14th is coming up fast.  I need to get these stupid reports done.  Bah.

Rainy rainy raininess

Oh my.  It’s awfully late!  See what happens when I take the day off?

Are you even reading theses texts?

The history class I wanted is not being offered next semester.  I’m super bummed about that.  I’ve been trying to get into it for several semesters now and it’s always full.

It’s too cold for ice cream!

I just remembered the peanut butter pumpkins …