I should be in isolation this week.

There is a procedure for these things for a reason.

The daily volume of email is astonishing.

I just can’t bring myself to care about 14th Century Burma today.

Of course now I’m thinking of this song.

Hmmm.  Very strange.

It is always fascinating to me that such a small body of people can so thoroughly exert so much power over so many, while the many stand by and allow it to continue.  What is it in the human psyche that compels us to obey?  How is it that more governments are not overthrown on a regular basis?  Look at the disaster that our country has become, while we sit here calling each other names and screaming profanities.  And the same faces rotate through, “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.”

In other news, I think I need this for my kitchen window.

That was.  I don’t know.  A very strange odor.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand meeting.

And then there is suddenly a shocking lack of email.  So odd.

I’m feeling very disenchanted with school.  And work.

I’m just so very tired.

I never show up in those things.

I think I need a new head shot for work, on account of that last one was atrocious.

Again, I’d have to go with “You’re overthinking it.”  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Bananas on the other hand …

Gloomtastic.  I love it.  I do not want to be here today.

Shit.  I completely forgot to stop.

Amanda Palmer’s The Bed Song is very sad.  She was working on a video for it, but it isn’t ready yet.  So you get this.

I just keep hitting skip on the ipod today.  Look me in the eye and tell me …

The students did not get my Pretty in Pink reference.  I told them they had to watch it by Monday.  Man, I loved Duckie Dale.  I am a much different woman today.

I have been told twice this week that Indie Pop is never the answer.  But sometimes it’s exactly what I want.  I’m assuming you love me anyway.

My costume is not going to be warm enough to trick or treat in.  Might have to don the Star Trek uniform again for that one.

Sleep.  Please.  Need sleep.

teddible teddible teddible

Fuzzy dental floss.

Uh oh

Yeah, this promo photo is gonna suck too.  Why do I try?

The important part of this, for me, is the bit at the top.  I just did a very happy little dance in my chair.

I think that might be more information than I really care to know about you, thank you very much.

My head hurts.

Are you meeting me here?  Are you meeting me at the Tick?  Which is my Jeep, in case you’ve forgotten.

Remember that time … but no, you wouldn’t, would you?

Oh, little space heater.  I love you so.

Well, that is quite a few fewer credits than I thought.  Nice!

Those shoes with the toes?  Just no.

I think I need to reinstall Instawhatsit.  My tilt shifty tool isn’t working.

Dammit!  My tea tastes like coffee.

I feel like I should be doing something else.   Girl Friday just wasn’t really my CAREER GOAL.  I don’t know.  Go buy something from my Etsy, help me move in another direction, yeah?  Or at least get that 40mm I’m saving my pennies for.

Also there is the AR15 … and the cowgirl boots … yeah.  You know.  It’s not like I’m going to throw crap on a credit card.

Helpful Etsy link to your right, by the bye.

go on go on and

Neko is my fall music.

pulled pork yes please

Yes.  That was exactly in order.  Thank you.  I enjoyed that very much.

The clouds were incredible today.  I wished I had Ripper with me all day to shoot them.  Alas.

Huh.  I can’t picture those two ever having been a couple at all.  Crazy.

You’re right.  I am on the losing side of modern history.  I might as well give up and go sign up for my Obama phone.


The only thing I’ve ever done on this list is pick up things with my toes.  Which I still do.  All the time.  I have freakishly long and dextrous toes.


The house is too quiet.  Where’s Tennison?

My fan base is on hiatus.