What is that supposed to mean?

People make my head numb.

14 days to Halloween!

Uh oh.  I should stay off the interwebs.

I didn’t watch this debate either.  I probably would have tuned in for a minute but my computer was broken and the super extra awesome Mister was fixing it for me.  Cos he kicks ass.

Argh.  I hate the way that woman speaks to me.

Do I hafta?

I think we should just move now.

I think.  Yeah.

I think I might be cranky.  I think

I think

Aimless.  Shiftless.  Lostish.

super senior

329 hours to Halloween!

My kingdom for a hair band!

I need a mental health day.  Or 12.

Just a squintch.

Oh how neat!

There’s no reason to panic yet, right?

Yes, the three Fates, indeed!

Now my head just hurts.  It’s a side effect of panic, I think.

When is the thunderstormyness supposed to be here?

Well, if you don’t plug it back into the wall properly, it won’t charge.  It’s not that complicated.

I’m just not that hungry.

Loooooove this, and you should too.  Thank you, Ms. Fallacy.

Well, that was a waste of a good panic.

Wow, that made me really tired.

Who am I kidding?  I’m always tired these days.

19605 minutes to Halloween!

History and Cinema.  I think it will be an interesting course.  I think.

I’m doing a lot of thinking today.

Mostly I’m scattered.  This isn’t flowing well.  There’s no heft.






Dozed right off in the parking lot.  Waiting.

Sometimes I am reminded that I live in a pretty great community.  This made my day.

This dog lives in my hometown.  Apparently he is a therapy dog at one of the local hospitals.  Being the great big sci/fi geek that I am, if I saw that dog walk into my hospital room, I would quietly panic, look for possible weapons, and be absolutely convinced that some kind of sinister giganomous alien dog race had come to take over the Earth.  Aside from that, holy hell, what a big dog!

Oh yes.  Yes yes yes.

No!  Christmas is not allowed before Halloween!  No Christmas before Halloween!  Shush!

That is a wildly inappropriate donut.

Damn.  Now I want a donut.

Argh!  I want the pictures!

1168220 seconds to Halloween!

That sounds like a challenge to me.

Well, really, when you stop and think about it, Dwight is kind of a weird name.

These are some cute boots.

Really?  Who mistakes a blind man’s cane for a samurai sword???

Do not negotiate with the terrorist!

Tacos?  Don’t mind if I do!

Jane’s Addiction’s Coming Down the Mountain just suddenly popped into my head.

I don’t even get the binder thing.   But what I’m extrapolating is that it’s a stupid thing to fixate on.  But I don’t know what these people are talking about.

Man these birds are loud!

Will we be hearing cries of “Go back to Canadia!” directed at Nathan Fillion?

Matlock???  Yeah, I never liked that show.

Maybe hot tea would be better.

Why yes, I would love to put together a new Canon 5D Mark II package!  Why no, I would not like to put that on a credit card, so that it ends up costing me 3 to 4 times as much as paying cash!  Thus endeth today’s lesson in not spending money you don’t have.  See how easy that was?

This is also why I don’t have a 5D Mark II.

That bread is pretty moldy.

No!  Stop dimming lights!  I don’t want to lose power!

After parody Bowie, which was funny, I need genuine Bowie.

People will be wondering, I suppose.

gone gone gone