Uh oh.  I forgot the mixer.  Dammit!

6 days to Halloween!

Sonuvabitch!  I forgot the other container of whipping cream too!

I should never have gotten out of bed this morning.

Wow.  I’ve managed three whole sentences today.

Have you read any good books lately?  I need suggestions.  Self Help titles need not apply.


No, my Google is not broken.

149 hours to Halloween!

I can’t find the font that I’m looking for.

Ooooh.  Denied!

Halloween store!  Halloween store!  Halloween store!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Sugar skulls!!!

I really hate holding yard sales.

Miss W decided to have a spontaneous political discussion with the woman working at Barnes & Noble.  The woman told me that Miss W is absolutely precious and good for us, because most kids her age don’t have a clue about that stuff.  It was both weird and awesome.

I don’t like it when fall feels like spring.

I have so many Louie photos to edit!  What an awesome night.

8928 minutes to Halloween!

I wasn’t even going to buy anything.  I couldn’t resist.  At least it was reasonably priced.  Had it cost any more I would have abstained.

The cake was a hit!  Yay!

I like that 10 wears Chucks.


I have a hard time keeping up with that Tumblr stuffs.  Too much stuffs.  Too little minutes.

I love that my new dress has pocketses.  I hate that I got something RED on my new dress in the chaos of an event day.

I forgot to zombie today!

I’m really in the mood for a Diet Coke.  It’s been ages.  It’s a shame I don’t have any.

I should just save this til tomorrow and live blog the yard sale.  I wonder if we’ll get anyone interesting.

I don’t have any good links today.  I’ve barely been on the interwebs.

What?  What???

I want to know my midterm grade.

Oh crap.  I’m running out of time.  Must get some crap done this weekend.

Oooh!   That is a really cool witch hat.

We should just move now.

Like I have time to move now.

skullie skullie skullies!

Maybe I’ll watch Sleepy Hollow this weekend.  I haven’t seen it in ages.

For a minute I forgot I don’t have to work tomorrow.

Miss W’s favorite thing about Louie was that he set a record.  That really impressed her.

I don’t really care about baseball.

529804 seconds to Halloween!

I had to loan the Trek dress out this year.  I couldn’t say no.  My pal’s baby boy is wearing a Captain Kirk onesie.  It’s too perfect.

What do they call them?  Sausage curls.  Sausage rolls.

I’m so late.  And that’s totally ok with me.

I don’t care about glacial erosion this evening, thank you.

OK.  I’m beat.  I have to hawk glasswares in the morning.

Think I can run away to the pumpkin patch?