It’s Halloween!  It’s Halloween!  It’s Halloween!!!!!

I love today.

I do not love that today is freezing.  This costume is not designed for freezing.

Um.  This is not actually a hotel.

Ha!  Lily-livered.

Hey there.

Huh.  Apparently I have a meeting today.  Imagine that.

How did we not manage to get to the pumpkin patch this year?  So busy.  So lame.

I can’t wait til we’re moved and settled and have space and a lovely porch for jack o lanterns and all the space.

Did I mention the lovely lovely space?  And the closets?  The closets are like little pockets of heaven.

I wish I could dress like this all the time.  It’s a shame the dresses are so expensive.

Stupid non cooperative hair.  Pseudo Victory Rolls for Jentober.  The real thing won’t hold.  le sigh.


I keep expecting to see snow when I look out the window.

Wow, George Lucas sold everything to Disney.  If Obama doesn’t get reelected, those billions should last his family at least two generations.

Wimpy Kid author!  Miss W will be stoked!

My boss looks awesome.  Great Supergirl costume!

I think they call that karma.

boys and girls

Well that’s a bit dramatic.

Is it?  IS IT???

duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuhm

Apparently no one thinks I’m wearing a costume.  Awesome.

probably not me

Oooh retirement party snacks!  Oh wait.  Damn.

Captain Tightpants, indeed.

I have zero work motivation today.  Zero.  Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.

What the hell?  No snacks.  Just cake.  le sigh.

This would be my theme song if we actually got trick or treaters.

It’s so COLD!

We’re going to be late.  Of course.

So cold, so rainy.

I love Halloween.  I love trick or treating with the cousins.

Now I’m just late posting.

I need some tea.

burning in the fireplace

Fireplace!  I’m going to have a fireplace!

I’ve always loved James Bond.

I could fall asleep right now.

I really like this blue nail polish.

There was a customer who used to come to the lab.  He had two daughters who were pretty young.  (They’re probably teenagers now)  Anyway, one of them used to paint her nails all the time and she called it paint nollish.  It was cute.

One of these days I’ll get some cowgirl boots.

One of these days I’ll master the Victory rolls.

One of these days I’ll have amassed an entire rockabilly wardrobe.

One of these days.

I have to vote yes on Young the Giant, Red.

All the luck in the world to my bunny.  You’re brilliant, and Antenna will win.

Dear God, what have you been feeding this dog???  The stench!!!!

I wish I could take tomorrow off and sleep all day.

I love this tea.

I was going to watch Sleepy Hollow.  But then I realized I only own it on VHS and I no longer own a VCR.

Will this fit in any VCR???

Another of my favorite days is coming up next week.  VOTE!   I suppose next week’s Random will be the post election post mortem post.  Or something.

I keep forgetting about button holes.

And.  wow.  November.  Already.

Time to start planning the Infamous Townsend Christmas Card!


Happy Halloween!!!!!!!