~My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult
I hosted Thanksgiving.

I moved more of the things but not enough of the things.  We have too many things.  The new compound is hard to get used to.  We’re so spread out now.  We used to be always right there.  It’s good and bad. We’re adjusting.

I did a family session for my cousin today.  She is a wonderful human being.  She has a lovely family.  And she always tells everyone that I am the best photographer ever, which is just the nicest thing.

I am reading Among Others, this year’s Hugo winner for best book.  I am loving it.  I don’t have time for it, but I’ve reached a fork in my semester called “I just don’t care.”  It is physically impossible to get through Blood and Soil.  It just is.  I’m dozing off within 3 sentences.  But I really need to finish my map.  Really.

I don’t suppose you really need these words.  They’re not terribly compelling.  At least they’re not angsty.  I do try to avoid the angst.  You’re welcome.