Sad day.  I do not understand humans.  I just don’t.

Favorite quote of election night: “Well, apparently I’m going to have to get a second job so I can pay for everyone else’s vaginas.”


So.  Four more years of being called a racist every time we criticize the president.  Four more years down the road of statism and collectivism.  Four more years of being told what’s best for me.  Four more years of bloated government over reach and expansion.  Four more years of the continued erosion of civil liberties.  Four more years of smug, self righteous, holier than thou condescension.  Gosh.  I can’t hardly wait to get started.

I’m a little disgusted that Elizabeth Warren won.

I’m a little disgusted in general today, actually.

Let’s talk about something else.  I’m just.  Man.

I am very happy that the proposed constitutional amendments for Michigan all failed.  I was a little worried about a couple of them, but was happy to see the overwhelming no votes on those.

I’m going to pick a room in my new house and call it the Situation Room.  We probably need a War room too.

I think this sweater is going to be really cute when I finish it.

I think my mouse is dying.  I wonder if there’s enough money in the budget for a new one.

I think I need some Motrin.

Maybe it’s just the battery.  I wonder if there’s enough money in the budget for a fresh battery.

I really like these pants.

Perhaps it is not the battery.  I’m walking down and getting a new mouse after the interminable staff meeting.  Budget be damned!

I’m just going to eat this donut that is the size of my head and feel sorry for my country.  Who knows how much longer I’ll be allowed to eat donuts the size of my head?

Of course, my waistline would rather I didn’t eat donuts the size of my head …

Dammit!  Prop 1 was defeated.  My sad day is further saddened.

It’s truly a comfort to know that Americans are more concerned with whom they can marry than with the extrajudicial execution of American citizens.  “Love won” indeed.

Oooh, nothing like vitriolic gloating.  From my family.

New mouse too fast!  Slow down mouse!  Slow down!

We need a musical interlude.

Good grief.  I haven’t even managed to empty out my inbox yet today.

I just had a really nice conversation with one of my liberal friends.  Class act. Thank you.

I don’t share my people well.  I’m stingy with my people.

What?  I have good reason!

Ugh.  No more donuts for jentober.  Ugh.

I’ve decided that empanadas are just wannabe pasties.

Pasties sound good.  We haven’t had pasties in a while.

Huh.  I guess I better buy a turkey.  I hope I don’t need to take out a small loan to do it.

Culture shock.

Turkey sandwich.

Who wants to help us move?

The answer to that question is always “not me!”

Mostly reading stuff on Google + just makes me sad.  I’m not going into that further.

My campaign is offering yoga pants instead of buttons.  TOWN on one butt cheek, SEND on the other.  How many pair can I put you down for?

It’s the Canadian commentary of the last two days that has been particularly ridiculous.  Honestly.  YOU LIVE IN CANADIA.

And then there are the liberal friends who quite obviously studiously avoid broaching the topic at all.  I might be ok with that.

life don’t work out my way

My head really hurts.

Maybe someone will buy me a sonic screwdriver and cheer me up.  My preference is the 9th doctor’s please.

Since I ran the last update on Words on the tablet it isn’t working properly.  This added to my normal delay in taking my turn.  Honestly I don’t know why anyone even wants to play with me.

Why is stuff I posted 2 days ago suddenly showing up in my fb feed?

This is so cool!

I’m wasting my time.  That’s all.  Just wasting my time.  Can I go home now?

Depression eating?

Incremental moving.  The houses are both disasters.

I need a drill sergeant.


Seriously.  No focus at all.  This is a spectacularly bad time to have no focus.

This is probably long enough, yeah?  It’s a depressing post anyway.