I forgot it was Wednesday.  I know.  I know.  I don’t think I’m quite altogether all together these days.

You are a stakeholder in your own safety and security!

Active Shooter training update!  Whee! Learn how to effectively throw staplers at a shooter.  Since all the evidence does not actually show that an active shooter is generally only stopped by a bystander with a pistol or suicide.  Right.

That is going to be painful.

I think David Tennant should avoid facial hair, as a rule.

Awareness + Action = Prevention!

I will be happy to be settled.  Right now I feel like I’m sleeping in a hotel.

Some people are just naturally quiet and like being alone.

Apparently I am not actually in the mood for the Once More With Feeling soundtrack.

I hope the internet is hooked up tomorrow.  That’d be nice.

The turkey has landed!

I still say it sounds like a fake name.

Lara Croft style.  I can live with that.

Triggering events!

Having this training right after lunch is a terrible idea.

Bleah.  Here we go.

Stop interrupting me!

I could be a threat assessment expert.

Do not huddle together for safety!

I’m kinda hungry.

Oatmeal.  I do not like oatmeal.  I do like oatmeal cookies.

Michael Fassbender is nice.  I’m still a little partial to Daniel Craig though, I think.

Yes, I do love Vince Guaraldi, but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!!!

Oh Lord.  Thanksgiving.  I am insane.

I do make a damn good turkey.  I also make fantastic mac and cheese.  But it’s my desserts that are the real draw.

Webmail is sucking today.

Look at your life through the lens of survival!

I think we’re short today.

More things to find places for.  We need some sort of incense something or other.  It’s still kind of musty.

I don’t know.  I wouldn’t mess with him.

Inferiority complex.  Yep.

Stop being cranky.  It’s wearing me down.

Well.  You get the idea.