Sorry.  I don’t have any pictures of turkeys …

When I say I could use a massage, I mean it would probably actually do me an immense amount of good to get a massage.  For real.  Not just a regular “I need a massage.”  A “The doctor should prescribe a massage right frigging now,” massage.

Massage.  Don’t say it like you’re British.  It sounds kind of creepy.

It’s probably dessert overkill.

I think it’s possible that she’s stopped speaking to me.

primal cooking

I don’t understand that dress.

But I don’t even like pumpkin pie!

I got lost in all those old photos.

Jack’s bow tie is broken.

It’s not as though

We don’t need Thanksgiving songs.

I always do too much dessert.  No one complains but the Mister.

What?  Do not mock my Agent Coulson crush.  I can hurt you.

8 or 9  9 or 8


Yeah, I’ll probably never do that again.

Two very clean bathrooms.  Now for the rest of it.

What??  Eat the apple!  Eat it!

You need a vacation before you have an aneurysm.

Read it.

It’s the constant GRRR.  Enough.

Oh that’s a cute hat!

Miss W came in here and turned my office into a mess!

And then she read that sentence and gave me the stink eye.

It’s nice to have photos on the walls.

These walls are tall.  I need to print large things.

That dragon always looks like he’s looking at you like you’re a half wit.  “Well.  That’s one way of doing things …”

How is there still this much to do?

Argh.  Everything hurts.  I don’t think I can straighten my back at this point.

I just want pizza and a Woodchuck.

oranges and onions

Oh my God!  This was a terrible idea!  Stupid glue stick hell.

A nice long soak in the tub would be good.

This chair is too tall for this desk.  I need to find a different chair.

That iPod just tried to play 3 different versions of Kiss Them For Me in a row.  I just don’t love Siouxsie quite that much.

I met Siouxsie once.  Nice lady.

So.  Rice Krispie treats?  Oreo cream cheese balls of nirvana?  Double chocolate brownies?  Hmmmm.

It has been too long since I’ve had time to go out back and shoot something.

Speaking of which.  We need to move the target pallet.

Thanksgiving shooting!


I can never remember my password.

Huh.  I just got the Reading Rainbow song stuck in my head.

I don’t know.  I don’t think I’m even available for emergencies right now.  Too tired.  So tired, I left the g out of emergencies and tried to add an extra e to left.

My hands are raw.

4ish then.  ok.

Where are we?

I could really go for a movie right now.

Wow.  How did it get that late?

Happy Turkey Day, my friends.  I am thankful for you all.