~Dead Beat, Jim Butcher
Yesterday Miss W and I went on the first ever great big Honors College Chicago Field Trip.  We had a fantastic day.  We spent the morning at the Field Museum where Miss W finally got to see Sue, a lifelong dream for her.  She picked out the perfect Sue-venir, a cuddly version of the great T-Rex.  In the afternoon we walked next door to the Shedd and awwwed over the otters.  Everybody knows otters are the cutest animal ever invented.  Ever.  Miss W had a blast and completely loved hanging out with the college crowd.  She impressed them with her wit and smarts, of course, and was a big hit.  She even got to play a small but pivotal roll in a student film!  (And she was hi-larious.)  I have such a great job.  W said more than once that she was so lucky to get to tag along.  She said it was the best day ever.  It was pretty great for me too.