wm4337My interwebs are crap today.

I love it when Chrome tells me Gmail isn’t available.

What?  What???

I have to go to the store.  It’s so cold out there.

I’m so cold!

I just can’t win a thing.  I would love a Stitchionary.

It’s like trying to join a conversation and you just keep getting ignored.

Memphis has all my snow.  Give back my snow, Memphis!

That is a lot of photos.  It is taking forever to get them off the card.

tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea hee

Only 308 days til Halloween!

I’m in the mood for some NCIS.  I haven’t watched it in a few years.  I could totally do a marathon today.  Snuggly blanket, tea, knitting, and some Gibbs.  Of course, I don’t have any NCIS.

I think I need to eat this piece of chocolate cake.  Get it out of the house.  Yeah.

Now I just have to deal with these lemon bars …

Everybody south of the Mitten is having a blizzard.  Does that seem right to you?


A LOT of snow!

I’m bored with my music.  If you feel like sending me music, you should just go right ahead and do that.

I need to order yarn so I can get started on a new project.

I don’t even know how many to include.  12?  24?  I don’t know.

We need a fire in the wood burner.

Aw, Scooby’s all covered in snow.

I did not get a rifle.  I did get some pizza.

I don’t like the phrase “talking points.”

I’m sorry, but what part of this do you not understand?  Just give me a damn triptan.

I just think that was a spectacular waste of money.  No wonder this country is such a mess.  It’s full of people who do stupid shit like that.

I wonder where that hat pattern is.

No, I did not wear my kitty hat to the gun store.

Who are you talking to?

I seem to be missing a stitch.

Chem trails?  Oh here we go again.

I suppose if I go work out, I’ll warm up.

I haven’t had meatloaf in a long time.

Ooooh!  Chili would be good this week.

What?  I smile.

Yep.  That did the trick.

Why does Facebook want to know how I’m feeling?  That’s just a little creeptacular …

My arms are all noodly.  Those throws are tough.

Yes, I did just read the word “vajazzled” in a Dresden book.

Stream of consciousness.

Seems random is contagious.

That’s such a dirty song.

Sometimes you get so lonely.  Sometimes you get nowhere.

It’s alternating Bowie, competing for space in my brain.  Could be worse.  I do so love Bowie.

I find it reassuring to know that everyone doesn’t think she’s as perfect perfect as I thought they did.

I think tomorrow is a good day for baking things.

If you seek a pleasant peninsula … not nearly as cool as “Thus always to tyrants”.

That cat is always hungry.

Uh oh!

I actually think boxes of chocolates are really great gifts.  To me.  Really great gifts to give me.

So many books to read!  I should probably wait on Dresden and read this one the dean loaned me first …

Where is my hammer?

I wish I could glue his head back on.

Even the cool kids table was only good for a little while before it got all cliquey and weird.

oops!  I forgot to mail that thing.

The duck!  Has been disemboweled!

I wonder if it’s still snowing.

The dog ate the wishbone.  Boo.

What is that noise???  Oh good grief.  It’s Walter.  We have the weirdest animals.

“I have to confess, I am a person who judges a book by its cover.”

I should have asked for those days off.  It just never crossed my  mind.

I’d forgotten about that shawl.

What a strange thing to say.