wm4748Oy.  Back to work.  I want to stay at home.  And be a mom.  And homeschool Miss W.  And stuff.  And things.

Spike and his crimpled ear, all curled up with my monster on my fainting couch.  I never get to sit there because he’s always on it.  You totally said “aw” when you saw that.  Admit it.

I don’t like January.  I never have.  It’s much too long.

ARGH!  This laptop needs to die!

Well.  That seems odd.

The beginning of a new year does strange things to people.  Everyone gets all navel gazey and self helpish.  It gives me hives.

Honestly, every time I think about what’s happening in this country right now, I just feel really really sad.

I thought Paul Blackthorne was a fantastic Dresden.  Also he’s dreamy.

Also, this whole Dresden/Murphy thing is starting to piss me right off.  You hear that, Jim Butcher?

I had no idea there was such a thing as fish adoption.  How bizarre.

So mysterious!

Huh.  Why are there men on the roof?

Wow.  I can totally picture what kind of Bond villain you’d be.

My tea tastes funky 🙁

Another forgotten gem from the Stiff doc.

Interpret “gem” as you will.

OK, I’m not sure in what other language to convey this to you.  I’m the building coordinator.  I need to know when you’re in my building doing things.  I don’t know if you’ve fixed something IF YOU DON’T TELL ME.  And I’d appreciate it if when you finally DO speak to me, you don’t speak to me as if I were some sort of half witted chimpanzee.

Oh noooooooooo!  Oh.  Ha!

I’m sorry, but owls are adorable.  They just are.

I feel like I’m repeating myself.  Like a record, baby.

Can I have this bag for my birthday please and thank you?

Of course, then I will also need this wallet to go with it, thanks muchly.

I hope my boots come in soon.

Damn.  I thought I’d be able to avoid all meetings today.


Oh, predoctoral IS a word.  Huh.  I would have thought it was hyphenated.  I would have thought wrong.

That’s kind of a lot of hours.  I should take some days off.

Where is my

Pizza?  Foul temptress!

Oh dear.

Man, that hill sucks.

The air is so dry.  I’m getting shocked off everything.

Passive aggressive bitchery AND spoiled bratishness.  Impressive.

I always wanted blue hair.

I could happily get a new tattoo.

This might be a neat corner of the interwebs to visit regularly.

Check out FrackNation.

Sorry, I’ve never really been much of a conspiracy theorist.  I do so love Fox Mulder though.  Or I did.  That love might be tainted by David Duchovney’s bizarre sex addiction or whatever the hell it is.

I am acutely aware, thank you very much.

Grr.  Cashmere is supposed to be warmer than this.

I think that there is the tiniest possibility that I might be an eensy bit bored.

That’s not the kind of superstition you ignore.  That one’s actually founded in scientific reality.  It’s less of a superstition than a rule of thumb, even.

This sweater has a weird fit.

I’m never going to finish reading that article.  I’m closing the tab.

These Christmas Tree Cakes aren’t going to eat themselves!

You’re a goddamn fool and I love you.

I don’t want to pay your stupid taxes.  Jerkface.

Oooh, pretty!

I better take a walk before this meeting.

I really like this pen!

Man.  Meetins that go past 5:00 are not cool.  Man.

I don’t know how we’re going to pull this off.  Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

And they call us “nuts”.

Serious portraiture.  What?


Justified is back next week!  Yay!

Ooh I like this pen too!

I hate it when I feel like I have to sneeze but I don’t sneeze and the feeling just keeps going and going.

Too much chili, I think.  But it was one of those situations where there really wasn’t enough for two people, but maybe a bit too much for one person.  So I just ate it.  Whatever.  It’s protein, bitches.

Sigh.  I don’t wanna work out.

But I did it anyway!  And now I can’t lift my legs.

I really don’t think January to April is enough time for me to train for a 5K.  I tried training for a 5K once.  My training partner quit on me and I was suddenly without motivation.  Also there’s no where to run out here on the compound.  It’s dark before and after work and there are coyotes who may misconstrue my running for “Come get me, I’m food.”

Of course I could renew my rec center membership and use the indoor track …

I do think my running shoes are pretty much worn out though.  Really.

It’s weird knowing I don’t have a class starting next week.

Hell’s Bells, it’s time for the evening cuppa already!