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Random Wednesday

wm2830“Stop believing.  Hold on. That was me singing your favorite song.”

“You want me to stop believing???”

“How much wood could a woodchuck chuck woochuck.”

“Are you having a seizure?”

“There is still a sh*t.”

“I give one.”

“I’m quite the way I planned it but it’s still moderately amusing.”

“I’m happy for your cheer.  I’m not at all the way I planned it.  This bus is joyless.”

“I love how it’s flopping off the first half of my naked mistletoe animal prints.”

“If it’s faux it’s ok to wear white after Labor Day I rumored.”

“At least you got taxes!”

Hey, it’s Wednesday!  I must have a meeting happening this morning!  Whee!  I bet it’s going to be a long one too.


So sleepy.

icy icy icy

Well that was not a good way to start my day.  Second day in a row with a pretty damn craptastic morning.

Maybe we should all wear masks.

Maybe some of us should wear muzzles.

And by us I don’t mean me.  I’m like a ninja mouse.

The Breakfast Club.  Surprising choice.  Nice.

I have several cake stands.

If I’d known you were coming …

No iPad for you, jentober!

Everyone, everywhere, needs to STOP doing the Charlie’s Angels pose RIGHT NOW.


Germs!  Germs!  Germs!!!

No iPad for anyone else in the office either!

This just makes me sad.  Oh, I didn’t even see the text at the end.  The photos made me sad.

I like sending random greeting cards.  Who doesn’t like getting a Christmas card in July, I ask you?  Crazy people, that’s who!

The tablet still needs a name.  I need a name.

This is a signature???

Woah.  It’s suddenly very quiet in here.  Why are the fans off?

Oh.  Yeah that won’t work.

Let’s count how many things that are deeply wrong with this, shall we?


My boots are in!!!  My boots are in!!!!

Well, that answers tomorrow’s wardrobe question.

Oh.  Where is my sweater?

It’s national tea month!  Fantastic!

I need more tiny dinos!

You’re going to forget all about me on the red carpet.

“The liberties of the American people were dependent upon the ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box.  Without these no class of people could live and flourish in this country.”  (Frederick Douglass)

Neat, but not terribly romantic.

Shut up.  Harry Dresden would too have a cuppa tea with me.

‘cuppa tea, cuppa tea.  almost got shagged.  cuppa tea …’

Don’t talk about Justified.  I haven’t seen the premier yet.  Shush!!

It’s walk time!  Damn!

Hell’s Bells.  That is some serious wind.

Michael Madsen is going to be at Motor City Comic Con!!!  I love him!!  Also Stan Lee.  Man, I want to go!

headache.  yep.

I like this guy, so far.

I hate data mining.


Lace yarn is so teeeensy!  It’s like dental floss.  Or thread.  Or something else teensy.

It’s a guitar!

I’m loving the colors in this mystery yarn.  So rich!



I need the

Oh boy.  Yeah.  I need new running shoes.  Maybe in a couple of pay periods.


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  iPod. Volume.  Maxed for car.  OUCH.

He looks like the owner of a McDonald’s franchise in 1973.

no really


Thank you.

I’m probably going to need a snack.


Oooh, is that tea?

Where are my fuzzy socks???

I try not to think I’m more important than I actually am.


Did you know?

You keep giving away boots, one would think I would have won by now.

I have a wish list.  And things are on it.




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  1. redd

    yeah… speech-to-text roulette was not as much fun as I had planned it to be.

    halloween cards in january are fun too!

    the truth always sounds like lies to a sinner.

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