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Random Wednesday

wm0632Minus one meeting.  Plus one meeting.  I think I’m taking a loss here.

I did manage to get off of TWO committees though, so I got that goin’ for me.

I’ve been sleeping like the dead.  I never sleep like the dead.

Oooh, minus both meetings!  Yay me!

So many chairs, so low to the ground.

No, really, it was entirely operator error.  You can disagree all you like.

This is pretty much 100% true of me.

Jelly has no business in a donut.

Deliberately tying your hair in knots is surprisingly difficult.

I can’t shoot with this ammo shortage.

If I was still Catholic, I’d give up carbs for Lent.  Which would be really hard for me.  Because I fucking love carbs.

I pretty much just really hate running.

Someone needs to start a line to compete with Gun Tote’n Mamas, because their concealed carry bags are not attractive.  I cannot find the right bag to save my life.

I should knit something like this.  Someday.  When I can afford to buy yarn again.

I really don’t like Jason Schwartzman’s hair.  On his head, on his face, anywhere.  It actually repels me.

I’m not even a tiny bit Polish.

There’s that word again.

15 years.

I like that Kate Upton isn’t a twig.  She looks fantastic.  But also her girls are enormous on the new SI cover.

I love apple sauce.  It’s not terribly filling.  I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned that.

… step lively and move with purpose …

Outlander Kitchen is killing me with the gorgeous pix of Scotland.  I need to go there someday.  I do I do.

I suspect I’ll see fewer men in kilts than I saw in Seattle.  There are a shocking number of men in kilts in Seattle.

I’m starting to hate furniture.


I realize it’s not the best Big Star song in the catalog, but I think it’s my favorite.  Like my own personal theme song or something.  Anyway.  I’ve needed it this week.

Stop ruining Wednesdays for me!


Workin’ on a hat design.  A super cute hat design.  You’re all going to want one.

It’s the ears, you see.  The ears are the problem.

Oh!  It’s Ash Wednesday!

Oh Dear Lord.  Dream Weaver?  Really?

I could go to sleep right now.

Also I could use some Maxalt or something right now.  That would be nice.  And I can’t go home early.

ruinous and true

I’d like to get a new tattoo.

Write a six word memoir.  Write a six word epitaph.  Tell a complete story in six words.  Tell me six things about yourself, but make one of them a lie.

This is wonderful.  I saw this a year or so ago.  I had completely forgotten about it.  Thanks, Mister.

Oh oh oh!  New Civil Wars!  Must own!

Don’t try to play the semantics game with me, pal.

It’s time to admit the truth.  I don’t love Diet Coke any more.

Try not to swallow your tongue on the shock, I hadn’t even had one in 3 months.  And when I attempted to drink one Monday I couldn’t even get half way through the bottle.

Weird.  I just now saw this.  But that’s fully leaded Coke.

Hey!  People who send ridiculous cards and things in the mail like to GET things in the mail.  Just throwin’ that out there.  You can do what you want with it.

I just saw this picture of Ethan Hawke and thought it was Ben Stiller. Or that guy.  From that band.  What is that band?  Mark McGrath?  Regardless.  Not attractive at all.

Also I hate it when people do the “shooter” hands.  It’s so obnoxious.  And just dumb.

I don’t know if beauty is the word I’d use, but definitely captivating.

I keep seeing “want ads” for local friends.  Interesting.  No one is serious, but they’re totally serious.  I suspect I wouldn’t get any takers for mine.

I’m telling you, these new chairs are designed so that you are perpetually slipping out of them.  There’s a weird and uncomfortable angle there.  I might have to switch back.

I just want to finish this book.  And this hat.  And not have a hurty head.

Sheesh.  iPads charge incredibly slowly.

maybe.  maybe maybe maybe

So this is a thing, I guess.

Scooby is pissed at winter.

This made me cry.  You’ll love it.

Thin Mints!!!

Oh my God!!!  The Jennerator found me the perfect tinted lip balm to replace my discontinued Burt’s Bees’ nutmeg lip shimmer!

If someone wants to get me a new copy of Outlander since mine went walk-about, that’d be really cool.

Also, pastasaurus is a really good back scratcher.

I really liked Anthony Michael Hall on the Dead Zone.  I wonder what he’s up to these days.  Not enough to Google it though.

That’s quite enough out of you, young lady!  Quite enough, indeed.



  1. Jenn Ellis

    I think Anthony Michael Hall is going to be at Phoenix Comic Con….I’ll do some recon 😉 And YAY for pastasaurus being a multi-use tool!

    • AntiJenX

      Aw, I wanna go too! le sigh.

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