wm0710Pork chops and applesauce?

Ugh. I do, in fact, know how to do my job. I’m actually pretty damn good at my job. Kindly shut it.


What? Why wouldn’t I want a TARDIS blanket?

Two grapes and a Ghirardelli caramel chocolate square.

They’ll be eaten Tuesday.  They’re yummy.

I can’t possibly be the only one who goes around quoting So I Married An Ax Murderer.

Huuuuuuge pillah!

Why does my cup smell like Sharpie?

Plyometrics were invented by someone far more evil than Satan.

I am not happy with these cuffs. They just will not knit up to my satisfaction. I’m going to have to change them.

I read that as “Do you have blog plans for St. Patrick’s Day?”

listen to the wind blow

Wow, that is the really wrong way to spell my name.

OK, maybe it’s not my cup.

“The bad guys on this show are so fuckin’ …” “Fraught?”

Ohh I like that name!

Wacko bird. Whatever.

Stupid time change. Why can’t we just stay on this time? Why do we have to fall back? It’s completely counter-intuitive!

Get thee to a grocery!

i’m back

Close the drawer! Just close the drawer! It’s not that hard!

The High Class Truckers? Really?

“Mix these three chemicals and BOOM! You’ve made a senator.”

I don’t like capers. The food capers. Madcap capers are totally acceptable.

Lemon-Heads are happy food.


Ashley Judd. Bless her heart. Poor thing is clearly unbalanced.

I don’t know. I only get my hair done maybe once a year. I’m not really that much of a girl.

Yeah, sorry. Just not really in an Innocence Mission kind of mood.

Stop making things like Midol and Maxalt so BLOODY HARD TO OPEN!!!

That man is taking blankets on a rocket.

Is it my pants? Why would my pants smell like Sharpie?

Your pr


meeting meeting move furniture scarf lunch move furniture meeting

It’s like I’m being punished.

Svetlana wants to talk more, my bunny!

So apparently no one is coming to work today. I could have just stayed in bed and not driven on the icy, craptastic roads.

for you

Speaking of. It’s freaking March. Enough with the icy, craptastic drives to work.

Touchscreen gloves might be handy.

Holy shit, I finally have time for lunch.

Maybe it’s my pants.

“We supposedly can’t find $17,000 a week for school kids to tour the White House, but somehow still have $250 million for Egypt.”

Comorbidity. That’s a new one for me.

high as a kite by then

See? The dean thinks I’m pretty damn good at my job too!

bleary ness ish

Shut up. I’ll eat these potato chips if I want. How often do I eat potato chips? Nevah!

Pizza rolls always seem to be on sale. I never buy them. I love pizza rolls.


Walter, don’t eat the car. I can’t afford a new one.

I think dinner might be ready. Good. I’m hungry.

10 minutes!

I wish I could say this surprised me.

Dear Cat, You are still not starving. Following me around the house is not going to magically make it dinner time.

Everybody’s going to CPAC or the NRA convention. I’m just going to work.

Well that was wildly inappropriate.

How have I not shown Miss W the Goonies yet?

I really wasn’t kidding about that word.