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Random Wednesday

wm0639I need the new My Bloody Valentine.

My teeth are extremely clean.

blood blood blood blood blood

It’s very hard to find motivation to work out when you’re in this much pain. So. Yeah. I’ll come back.

I just cannot get into this Garbology book at all.

My pal Marko wrote a book. Read it. It’s cheaper than that lunch you probably shouldn’t be eating and are feeling hella guilty about buying but it was quick and moderately tasty.

Terry O’Quinn did a good job of losing his Yooper accent.

Publishers should send me advance copies of books for review. I’d be good at that.

I need a copy of the Ocean at the End of the Lane.

I love the Chicks on the Right.

I just remembered I have a Twix in my bag.

world was on fire

Boy the fun never stops.

I need to stop sleeping through my alarm.

lie awake at night

So I was on the treadmill when the power went out …



I’m such a bad FEMINIST, because I think this is hilarious.

I’m getting very extremely tired of waking up with this God awful Radiohead song in my head. I don’t even really like Radiohead all that much, to be perfectly honest. Overhyped.

You need a Mike Rowe fix. Or is that just me?

How about this?

Now this is a true fighter for women’s rights in the world. Be happy about this.

Of course he denied the drugs were his. Does anyone ever actually say, “Oh yeah, my bad. That is totally my bag of dope”?


way it used to be

Please don’t sit next to me and chomp on your gum. Just don’t. In fact, don’t chew gum in a meeting at all.

Another Godzilla reboot? Really?

a pterodactyl

I love apple sauce.

What, you don’t spend your lunch hour watching TED talks?

Too pretty. Sorry dude.

I have to say I’m really liking Kevin Bacon in the Following, and I’ve never been a big fan of Kevin Bacon. He’s definitely gotten a lot more attractive as he’s gotten older.


lay on my back and watch the clouds roll by

Hey, my head is feeling better! Oh shit, I just jinxed it, didn’t I?


A nap would be so nice right now.

This is how Sherlock should look all the time. His hair is SO much better this way. I mean this is kind of hot.

I don’t know. It’s all. Sort of. Something. Lackluster?

I’m having trouble with sentences.

It’s chick season!

I am so cold.

Their waiting room smells like cinnamon!

I need to chart out the TARDIS for a baby blanket. I need graph paper … a lot of graph paper.

wow. Powerful PSA right there.

Go to sleep, baby turkeys! You are too loud!

Dam. DAMN. dram.

I need to go yarn shopping.

Where is my tea???

My hair smells good!

Ah. There it is.



  1. Momma

    So the new chicks are baby turkeys? How cool, I had no idea, Wednesday didn’t make that distinction, she simply said “It’s Spring, that’s when we always get new chicks”! I <3 her so much, she's such a cool kid.

    • AntiJenX

      When you saw her we only had baby chickens. Now we have more baby chickens and baby turkeys. She’s showing a turkey at the fair this year.

      • Momma

        Oh that’s cool!

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