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Random Wednesday

wm0485Do we have new readers? I think we have new readers. Why are we using the Royal We, Precious?

I wonder what people who come here by way of Ravelry must be thinking of this place.

This TARDIS idea may be more complicated than initially thought.

100% unexpected, 100% awesome.

I don’t know why we have to reach that age. Where death is just sort of a thing. Stupid age.

We shall see!

Oooh! Pretty moon this morning!

Oh good. Jon Hamm’s penis is a subject of conversation again. Am I the only one who doesn’t find that jackass attractive in any way?

I really need to start wearing jeans on Wednesdays.

I’m not really a lip gloss kind of girl.

These are cool!

Why do you have a box of .223? You don’t even have anything that shoots .223.

You say everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law. I say there shouldn’t be a law in the first place.

I’m kinda stuck on this song this week. You might as well be, too.

I always feel completely out of place when commenting in that group. I’m not … something … enough.

217 days to Halloween!

I don’t like Reiki. It weirds me out.


Maybe I can hide in the bathroom til the staff meeting is over. No?

Well. It’s not like I ever intended it to be a “Mom Blog” anyway, I guess.

I need a snack.

is now

Yes I did tell the assembled staff at this morning’s meeting that as a university we should be more concerned than we are about slamming the doors on free speech whilst we wage our anti bullying diversity inclusive why can’t we all just get along campaigns. I’m tired of sitting around listening to the liberal dogma every day. I have a voice too.

“Obama is too conservative.” My brain. It hurts.

This made me really sad.

I love HST. I have the same kind of appreciation for him as I do Charles Bukowski. These are not nice men. But these are ridiculously talented men.

This is a thing?? Why are they not here right now?

Speaking of fraught …

I should have a snack. I suppose these chips are not the answer.

Yes, the words, “Well, as a libertarian …” might have passed my lips today.

Government is never the answer.

Figuring out this schedule is going to give me a headache. I can see it coming.

By St. Boogar and all the saints at the backside door of purgatory! – “that’s for when you’re bitchin’ ’bout the guvmint”

I’m all for another Rand Paul filibuster. Just so you know.

Oh! I get to order tea this week! This makes me very happy.

I haven’t been able to vote for Amash because he hasn’t run in my district, but if I get the chance, I certainly will.

That page won’t load. Too much traffic. They should have considered their servers before advertising.

takes an ocean not to

Woo hoo! My TARDIS hub just got here! Oh my God! You guys! It makes the TARDIS noise when you plug stuff in!!!

I’m sure this is heresy, but I’m really not digging the new Bowie at all.

I haven’t yet made up my mind about the new My Bloody Valentine. The problem with this album is that it’s the first in 20 years. It’s hard to escape the mindset of Loveless simply because it’s so thoroughly cemented.

my fave mbv song.

Sheesh. I’m all kinds of link happy this week.

fanny about to my heart’s content


One of these days I’m going to come to work with my hair styled like Abby.

You know, I’m having a really hard time getting into the Round House too.

I need to start a “Send jentober on vacation” fund. I think I tried that once.


Gah. Every time I see someone claiming affiliation with a percentage – I AM THE 99%, I AM THE 23%, whatever, I immediately yell in my head, a la the Prisoner “I AM NOT A NUMBER!”

not at all

I hate cooking chicken.

Speaking of chickens. My foyer is over run with chicks. Incessant cheepery. The turkey chicks are so friendly though. They’ll walk right up to your fingers.

I need to find some fabric now.



  1. spybat

    Thinking back on when the university was plastered with KONY 2012 posters still makes me chuckle.

    • AntiJenX

      Ah yeah. Good times.

  2. theredheadd

    dued. i have that song stuck in my head regularly

    chips are always the answer. 😛

    • AntiJenX

      It’s a good song.

      I ate them later. They weren’t very good chips, as it turns out.

  3. cargosquid

    This made me smile. And thanks for that link to HST quotes. I am so going to use some.

    • AntiJenX

      One can never have too much HST in one’s life, I think.

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