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Random Wednesday

wm5910Such a crazy busy day today.

And all my meetings are back! le sigh.

I kind of want this outfit.

I don’t know. I don’t understand the whole Neil Gaiman/Amanda Palmer thing. And I hated Palmer, and then I kind of liked her, because I really liked a couple songs off Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and then I liked a couple songs off whatever that last one was called. But I also still kind of couldn’t stand her. And you know I’ve commented on her ridiculous eyebrows more than once. Mostly I’m sort of meh. But for her to write a poem that blatantly empathizes (and she’d really like you to know the subtle but important difference between empathize and sympathize) with the bomber, and then to deny that it’s about him at all suggests to me that she just thinks that we’re all just a bunch of fucking idiots. Sorry, doesn’t take a Master’s in English lit to be able to interpret your poetry, Amanda Fucking Palmer.

Also, I’m sorry, but monsters DO exist. Why should I try to empathize with or humanize them?

But the photographs in the book (Who Killed Amanda Palmer) are totally up my alley, and I’d still love to own a copy. And I’m still a huge Neil Gaiman fan, have been since Issue No. 1 of the Sandman. (Thank you, Scott Hutchings)

I’ve spent too much time on Amanda Palmer. Dammit.

oh ho ho

It’s Administrative Professionals Appreciation Week. And frankly, I’ve never felt less appreciated.

rain rain rain zen happy rain hand me a cuppa

I need to get some more paracord bracelets done.

I need a tiny Santa hat.

Yes, I do think making a Santa hat for tiny Karl Marx is a good use of my time.

WHAT?!?!!  @#(*^ $%&#*

That Sharpie came off my hand surprisingly easily. I don’t think they’re making Sharpies as well as they used to.

“Is there a library where all the books are?”

And now there’s a Weird Science remake in the works. Come. On.

Hmmm. The problem still lies in who decides what constitutes an imminent threat.

I thought the idea behind not using a curriculum was to allow your child to learn what he or she is interested in at his or her own pace, and not be concerned with the “right information” or staying at grade level. The concept of “grade level” is designed to perpetuate this insane concept that all children of a certain age should be “ideally” at the same place at the same time. There is too much emphasis placed on it. Children should be allowed to learn at whatever level is appropriate to them. Age segregation is detrimental to society.

This just makes me sad. (NSFW)

I really wish I had learned Norwegian.

Hmmmmmm. Yeah, I can see that. Of course, allowing drones to “proliferate” is seriously dangerous ground.

Well. Deke Slayton was a damn good looking man, wasn’t he?

Snow again?? I may actually cry.

So much ridiculous.

Tell Omar to take his finger off the trigger.

I might have pinched a nerve in my wrist.

Someone bring me a sandwich.

This is pretty ok pizza.

I love pizza.

Why is my work internet sucking?

You are such a tramp.

Jesus. All I did was stick a Santa hat on Karl Marx.

And these are the people that should be the only ones allowed to have guns. … Uh huh.

“I like how that thread started out sort of cute and stuff, but then became this super-ugly psychodrama train wreck.”


I kind of love this octopus and how he sort of resembles a light bulb with squiggly arms who wants to hoard your rings.

I really need to learn cross stitch.

run away, yeah

Some animals are more equal than others.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for POTUS to be speaking at a Planned Parenthood event. I don’t care what his political affiliation is.

Wow. Now I’m being attacked by a whole new jack ass. It’s a good day to be me.

God, I am never going to be able to finish reading this article.

Why is catering so flipping RUDE??? We’re paying you a small fortune, suck it up and at least TRY to fake civility.

this tomato loves you

Seriously, the only word I can even utter right now is WOW.

Yeah, so Fioricet is ok. Head still hurts, but not as much, and I care a whole lot less.

I guess that also means no treadmill this evening.

Meatballs are delicious. Unless they’re Swedish. I don’t have anything against Swedes. I feel the need to qualify that lest I draw more fire from people itching to call me racist or something today.

It’s been a rough day.

I probably need to hang this in my office.

Also why didn’t anyone tell me before now that I should check out Parks and Recreation?? That is some funny stuff.

Whip that snap.

I don’t actually go out of my way to be a jerk. … Unlike SOME people.

“No! No no no! You do not shave away your manly beard!”

I’m so sorry.

It’s been stuck in my head for the last hour.

Argh! I checked my gauge! Why is this knitting up small???

I’m telling you. My knitting mojo is OFF right now.

I wish I was going to Texas.

Maybe someone could come give me a wardrobe/closet make over. Cos I admit I need help. Also that dress in that last pic is super cute and I would totally wear that. No skinny jeans, please.

No, really, I always secretly hoped someone would nominate me for What Not to Wear, because they give you money for new clothes.

I’m having a really hard time getting through Sing You Home. It’s just so very way too extreme with the stereotyping. Picoult goes way too far with the obvious to prove her point. It’s disappointing.

In awesome news, the Tell the Wolves I’m Home author will likely be on campus this fall, hosted by us. This won as our pick for the college common read for the fall.

Oh my Christ. This is awesome.

Please don’t eat me! God will not help you, puny human!


I think I know better than you do what it’s like to be a conservative on the campus where I freaking work.

I was daydreaming the other day. (Shut up, everyone so does too do that. Also I don’t normally call it daydreaming.  Cos that just seems lame) And I imagined that I wrote a monthly column for Reason about being a conservative libertarian on a college campus and each article covered a different topic.

The good news is, I don’t have to train up a new boss.


Sometimes a cupcake is just a cupcake. Now I want a cupcake. In other words: STOP ASSIGNING RIDICULOUS HIDDEN MEANING TO STUPID SHIT.

Ok. I vote yes on Fioricet. Just in case you were wondering.

la la la



  1. theredheadd

    LOOONG one!

    weird science remake = nooooooooooooooo!!

    M has been hooked on ‘you make my dreams’ for the last couple of weeks!

    i am NOT a tramp!!

    • AntiJenX

      The loooooong ones are better, I think.

      See? I was channeling M. Tell her to listen to something better.

      You so totally are too.

  2. ScottO

    Nothing against Swedes? Suuuure. You just want to learn Norwegian so you can insult Swedes. I’m on to you.

    • AntiJenX

      Shhhh! You’ll give away my evil plan!

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