Well, really, what does Obama have to lose by slamming conservatives every chance he gets? It’s not like he has an election at stake.

I wonder if they hate this song now.

These are so beautiful.

Holy wow! Want!

Remember that episode of Highlander when the bad guy was Roland Gift?

I would like a shooting coach.

Can I do Random from the road? That’d be a good one. But not terribly practical. And I don’t know if I’ll have a laptop with me. Hmm. I might have to take notes and type it all up upon my return.

Unless I don’t end up going because that kind of crap happens all the time, in which case, it’s moot.



Dr. Pepper Icee. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Lance Henriksen. I love you. That man drops the f-bomb more than I do. And that’s saying something.

My pal, Marko? With the book I told you to read? Just signed a big book deal. So now you REALLY have to read it. And also tell him kudos, cos that is some seriously awesome bidness.

I just remembered I have Thursday and Friday off! Sweet!

The only thing on my ballot was the millage renewal. Of course I voted NO! Of course it will pass anyway. Bastards.

Miss W is giving me crap about saying “wouldja?” You’d think she wasn’t born and raised in Michigan. Sheesh.

Huh. I have to say I really didn’t think Sanford was going to win that.

Stop calling it a “mini-sesh”. Right now.

I don’t know. When I hear “women of punk,” Kate Bush doesn’t really ever come to mind.

I’m a little dubious of this guy. Maybe more than a little.

I need to figure out this bee thing.

I love these.

It’s the first thing that I thought of.


Shut it. Or I’ll shoot you with my pencil gun. pew! pew! pew!


It’s his company and he can say and do what he wants. What people should perhaps be more upset about is that despite his feelings being very much public, business is still booming.

Also, I’m kinda all “who cares?” about it. I mean. It’s Abercrombie zombie.

I should turn the Benghazi hearings off. That’s what I should do. It just pisses me off.

I would like a bow.

See? “Request to renew 0.4 mill levy for operations for four years. Yes: 11,747; No: 4,499.” Bastards.

Wow. Suddenly incredibly sleepy.

The cowboy is my very favorite.

I kind of love this too, but there is too much Crazy Pants Cruise. (And some of them aren’t done very well.)

I need a document scanner.

Yes, as long as you stand there.



Yep. iPad it is. I’m starting to get excited. I hope this doesn’t get canceled on me.


Five minutes of rain? Really?

I would so be a kick ass White House photographer.

This is great and all, and yay for all the “how do you get a bikini body? put a bikini on it” positive thinkin’ motivational speechifyin’ going around, but is it really going to get me on a beach in a bikini? No. It really isn’t.

How did I miss the fact that Willie Nelson is in town tonight?

That’s why he lives alone. On an island. In a cave.

Interesting. But I still just don’t love it like I wanted to.

I dunno. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

I really wish James Marsters would stop doing whatever that is to his hair.

This book is really good so far. You should totally read it. I’m sorry it sat in my to read stack for as long as it did. Although there’s a typo in Max Brooks’ blurb at the beginning.

I just don’t care for Wil Wheaton at all.

Link happy.

I really kind of have a pretty great job. I might hate it sometimes, but, as jobs go? My bosses are fantastic and they love me. Almost all of my coworkers love me, and they’re good people. My students love me, and they’re the best. Yeah. It has its days, but they’re outweighed.

Of course, I wish I could stay home and be mom. Or. WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER. Cos I’d kick ass at that. Could someone tell the next pres that please? Rand Paul or whoever. No Dems, please.

This chair is uncomfortable.

Shit. I was supposed to stop at the UPS store.

It sounds like aliens screaming. Or that voice of the bugs when Oogie Boogie falls apart.

It’s getting chilly manamana

Smashing Pumpkins. I saw them once. I haven’t listened to them in years. That bassist chick’s dad used to work with my dad. No, I never met her. Whatsername? Darcy. Darcy? Darcy.

“Pick up the book nearest to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life.”      “Ultimately, Henriksen’s time in the military did nothing to change the direction of his life.”     Hmmmmm.

a handful of stars

I dropped that crazy class. No time! No time, I tell you!

I should have learned more languages.

I should have finished school the first time.

That’s all the time I have for should haves.

Now it’s time for … I don’t know. I forgot what I was going to say.

I’ll just go knit the TARDIS now.