nobody here but us chickens

you know how awkward i am around humans

wm6403I shot this for 634 miles for May, but am not including it in that post. But I liked it, so I’m sharing it here.
that post will be up sometime this week.

I’m going to be traveling next week and part of the following week, so Random may be delayed. We’ll see. But I’m going to be meeting some of my internet friends while I’m away and I’m very excited about that, and also very nervous, because – social skills + jentober = 0. People have been assuring me that I am mistaken, and not awkward at all. My problem is that I just completely lack the ability to make small talk, which is actually an important step in starting a conversation. Honestly, it’s not unlike Ron Swanson. You know when Ann is trying to get him to talk and he’s all brief and direct and eventually says “Oh, are you still here?” I am a woman of few words. In person anyway.

However, once you get me going, I can assure you, I’m pretty fun. No really. I’m hilarious. I’m pretty sure there are at least two people who will testify to thoroughly enjoying my company.

But this is the plus to social media. I wrote a lengthy lament on the negatives of social media yesterday, that I don’t think I’ll end up posting. Which might be a shame, because it’s good, and I criticize myself along with it, which keeps it honest.

At any rate. I love to travel. Even though I won’t sleep much the whole time, and I’ll miss the Compound terribly, I’ll have a good time. (And take entirely too many pictures.)



  1. Alan

    You may be an introvert if…

    • AntiJenX


  2. redd

    dued. you’re totally awkward. don’t let anyone tell you different.

    • AntiJenX

      shut up. I can pretend.

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