wm8592Yesssss! I love the fake blood on the teeth of the trap.



“Structurally unsound and in danger of collapse”

I’ve said more than once that Canadia can have Detroit, but frankly, I think Canadia’s too smart to take it.


Raul Threat

I like that word. Catastrophe.


I’m being responsible and not going to Chris Isaak.

I hate being responsible.

The Fortress of Girlitude.


I think I dislike Leonardo DiCaprio a little more every time I see him.

This is such a great photo. I am not a big enough Star Wars fan for this though. At Ats walk on water??

I love a chilly morning.

I made you a cake. I hope it doesn’t suck.

I need to just buy this lens for myself.


Argh. Fire drill day. Must remember to call public safety this time.

same old sad song same old story

This is going to be pretty sweet, I think.

Binary gender? Really?

I keep thinking it’s Monday.

Things like “safe ketchup” and “depends on the …” and “nuanced thought” yep.

Except without the Jesus bits.

Can I just have a protein IV or something?

The concept of a dead letter office has always seemed so intriguing to me.

It’s not like a religion or anything.

Too much bergamot.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we chose the perfect name for Miss W. And anyone who has ever met her will tell you the same.

Wow. Why are you such a giant asshole? All the time? Doesn’t it get tiresome being that big of a douche 24 hours a day?

Honestly, I could have gone my whole existence without seeing that pic of Geraldo Rivera. That man should seek help.

It just seems like it’s more complicated to give me a VOB file than it is to just give me an mpeg or QuickTime format. What part of “submit all audio and video files as .WMV or .MPG” are people NOT GETTING. What a pain in the ass.

convert export convert export convert export

I have come to believe that anyone who is not of the British Isles and says “shite” is just being pretentious. You don’t want to look pretentious do you? Of course not.

I think my tea might taste like bubble gum flavored dish soap.

I keep hearing my name today. A lot of people seem to be talking about me.

It’s only a flesh wound, dude.

I really kind of love jalapeno kettle chips. Because I know you really wanted to know that.

“Share if you love your kids.” So. What? If I don’t share, I don’t love my kid? Facebook is dumb.

I think I’ll take a walk now. That’s probably a good idea.


I kind of love that Fortnum & Mason sells Johnnie Walker Blue. Not that I can afford it from them either …

Monkey Picked Oolong. It’s a real thing.

Niagara Falls is retreating toward Lake Eerie. I wonder what will happen when it gets there.

This is what’s wrong with this country.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the great majority of English speakers do not actually understand proper apostrophe usage.


So sweet! Also, that man knows how to pick out socks.

I really don’t think I’m feeling my best today. Not at all.

I should have gotten a Buc-ee’s travel mug.

I love the library.

Now you’re messin’ with a

I hate this class.

I just want to go to bed. 7:51 is late enough for bed, right? Right?

“Did you get your sexting name I generated for you?”
“Yes. But I already have my own, and have been using it to chat with Anthony Weiner for years.”
“Oh yeah, what is it?”
“Amanda Huginkiss. Actually, I’m a little surprised he hasn’t caught on by now. He’s kind of dumb.”

Interesting conversation with Miss W in the car about the afterlife. Mostly about coming back as animals.  Until … “Would you ever want to come back as a black person just to prove you’re not a racist?” I blame the left for that one.

I told her that I don’t feel the need to prove any such thing.

Facebook always wants to correct lederhosen to leaseholder. So does WordPress. Huh.

So because I asked you a question once, and you gave me notes, you don’t feel like you really need to explain it further, even though I have told you that I still don’t understand? What the fuck are you being paid for?

There’s a reason houses in Detroit are so cheap.

I hate this class I hate this class I hate this class I hate this class I hate this class I hate this class I hate this class

hmmmm I would wear them once, just to say I did.

I love getting letters! I almost never get letters! That totally made my day!

It’s probably too late for a cup of tea now, but what the hell.

Nope. It’s too late. Maybe I’ll just have two in the morning. I can have two cups of tea if I want to. Shut up.

Miss W thinks Midnight Train to Georgia sucks. I don’t know where I went wrong.

Tomorrow is not Tuesday, so I got that goin’ for me. Which is nice.