wm8527Whenever I see the word pasties I automatically think “yum!” … Unfortunately whenever I see the word pasties it’s almost never in reference to the delicious MI meal. Sometimes the difference between pasties and pasties is difficult to discern without immediate context.

Sometimes I wonder about those missing persons posts that pop up on Facebook. I wonder if maybe the woman in those posts has gone missing because she’s run away from an abusive situation and someone just wants to track her down because they’re evil.

These made me giggle.

I think I would enjoy a subscription to Doctor Who Magazine.

You seriously have to be looking pretty bloody deep for this nonsense.

How is there dust under the crap on my desk??

I would likely find this deeply disturbing.

If you want to run around playing Devil’s advocate, don’t pretend to be all butt hurt when people treat you as such.

Ratt is coming to town. I don’t know why I think that’s hilarious, but I do.

I don’t remember that song being that long.


Sigh. It’s not peterosaurs. It’s pterosaurs. I hate this class.

That is the most bellicose book order I have ever placed.

This is the cutest thing you will see all week.

I wonder, if you were standing there at the moment of a continental convergence, if it would actually be massive enough to feel or still moving so infinitesimally slowly that you wouldn’t notice. I mean the exact moment. I think you’d feel it. I think it would kill you.

I don’t get interpretive dance.

I also don’t get the appeal of Bon Iver.

It’s been too long since I’ve had a Chuck’s day.


more disturbing

I wonder what having a doppelganger would be like.

You say “you gluten eaters” and it sounds so rude. Like “you people” or “you thugs” or something. Don’t be so judgy.

“She took off her clothes, kind of, and then she started flippin’ around like some deranged tuna!”

Chris Christie can bite me.

Ohh you can stream the new Civil Wars on iTunes today! I really like this one.

I do not like the smell of burning leaves.

No one used a Trapper Keeper any more in 1992. Especially not high school seniors.


I did not get any cheesecake.

protein protein protein protein protein

Anthony Weiner is not an attractive man.

let loose from the noose

Being bitchy and guilting people into donating is messed up. That officially makes you not a good person.

I just read a blurb that stated that Queen was arguably the greatest rock band of all time. I like Queen and all, but I’m going to have to disagree.

I guess that’s where the arguing comes in.

People wear such awful pants.

Gloomy rainy Wednesday. Yay!

I wish I’d worn pants today. It’s so cold in here.

well well well

Shady. Definitely shady.

Facebook is advertising plus sized clothes at me. Now I’m going to have a complex. WTF, Facebook?

I really wouldn’t call Wil Wheaton the “king of the nerds.” If he’s the king, I’m forming a revolt.

I really do not like Wil Wheaton.

Because it’s not creepy at all.

The bridge before it was a bridge.

What a great site.

Stupid phone.

I dozed off on my lunch and when I woke up I was monumentally confused about what day it was.


It’s not my shimmy.

Like it’s any surprise that I got Vulcan.

The NSA can bite me too.

This protein shake thing is ok. It could maybe just be regular chocolate and not double chocolate. It’s ok if I don’t smell it.

Um. Why would I want to read exclusive interviews with Obama, Amazon? It’s like you don’t even know me at all.

I wonder if it’s dry enough to take a walk.

Unicorn looooooves you! Do you love unicorn?

It’s not that I don’t think white text on black background is aesthetically unappealing. It’s that it actually hurts my eyes to read it.

I had no idea that community was so … willing to blindly accept certain “truths.” How disappointing.

Makes me want McDonald’s for dinner.

I wish I didn’t get stupid songs stuck in my head.

Yeah, sorry, he’s just hot. There’s no getting around that.

Eureka was such a great show.

I need dessert. Or something.

A cup of tea. Yes, that would be lovely. As always.

almost got

Finishing the back of the TARDIS blanket is going to be the death of me.

I need yarn. I need yarn. I need money so I can get yarn. Yarn. Needed. Yarn.

seismic waves


How did that happen?

Who watches over you –