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Random Wednesday

wm8024Yes. The story of my life. Please take special note of #2, and stop offering me helpful suggestions about how I “might want to think about my facial expression and how it comes across to other people.” Because bite me. It’s just my face. Jerk.

Earthquakes generate two general types of psychic waves.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

Yeah, it’s not “how great of people they turned out to be” it’s “how great they turned out to be” “as people” if you REALLY feel like you need people in there. Which you don’t. It’s just not that hard. Seriously.

Stop saying swag. Just stop. And sesh. You need to be reminded to stop using sesh.

Wow. I like it.

I love before and after photos.

There is not enough music in this post.

That phrase “Shit just got real”? That has to go. It has to go yesterday.

These are kind of amusing. I like the one where Ellen is looking at Katy Perry’s boobs. Also the werewolf. The werewolf is kind of awesome.

I really like this blog. I even link to it. But every comment I have ever made on it has been blocked. And I can’t figure out why. I’ve said nice things. I’ve wished them well. I’ve been pleasant and kind. So I’m not going to link to it any more. Because that just hurts my interweb feelings. I mean what the hell? She probably checked out *my* blog and was offended. I am, apparently, offensive.


Well alrighty then.

Yeah, I still hate the new Flickr.

Rather Klimt-esque, I think.

The rodeo is clear ancient out their.

I don’t know why I’m reluctant to bittify myself, but I am.

One fifth of all Christmas trees in the U.S. come from Michigan. You’re welcome.

Fine. I’ll stop emailing you.

There’s an orchestral version of Love Hurts? Okaaaaaaaay.

What’s with this sudden trend of everyone starting every sentence with “So”? Stoppit.

I always type survery first.

If these are the funniest things she’s ever heard her friends say, she needs funnier friends.

It’s so very tiresome when people don’t understand sarcasm.

Dear God.

A pimply robot.

Um. That’s not Godwin’s Law.

No. Watson should not have a mustache.

I can’t even read the word Soylent without automatically mentally adding the word green after it.

I love these! The one with the red leaves is my favorite.

Yes, I would actually like to go to the Scottish Festival, thank you very much.

Oh good. Another trip to the neurologist. Whee.

I don’t think I have another staff meeting until the middle of September! Yay!

There’s only one N in Jen, people.

Alas, we have failed at growing carnivorous plants.

Oh yeah. I love it.

So you want diversity and inclusion, we’re all one people, color doesn’t matter, embrace everything and everyone, but don’t think for one minute that you can be influenced by my culture in your work or art because that’s CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, bitch, and that is just not right. Please. People make my head numb.

OK, I appreciate that you’re knocking now, but you still need to wait for a reply before you walk into my space. It’s not that complicated.

I do not see the appeal of the Heidelberg Project. It’s not art, to me.

Who cares about work with this beautiful thunder storm happening? I want to turn out the light and close my eyes and listen.

A hustler and a con man.

I think when you’ve reached the point where you’re calling it a “shootie” you need to just stop experimenting with footwear.

Why is it always about the faculty? The rest of us matter too, thank you very much. I’d like to see faculty do their job without me.

Stop calling me Jen, Psycho Pants. Only people I like get to call me Jen.

How bizarre.

Happy birthday, Nick Gillespie. Now hire me to proofread Reason.

What the hell is with all the Dr. Oz spam in my work email???

This is just a step or 12 too far.

Too many sibilant esses flying around this office right now.

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. This week has already been 3 years long.

“Oh I can’t Google. I don’t have a mouse to Google!” I have no idea what that means.

What could possibly go wrong??

I like “Nathan and Robin“. I don’t know why.

Let them think what they will. I cannot care.

If you’re not going to employ actual English speaking Americans on your help lines and help chats, don’t give them fake American names because you think it makes your customers happier. It just annoys us even more.

Oh Barnes & Noble, your customer service is not stellar.

Just because you say it’s an emergency, does not actually make it an emergency.

This might actually be a good time in my life to take up meditation. I need my Zen back. Bad.

check with lost and found





84 days, 12 hours, 40 minutes, 20 seconds until Halloween!!!!!

I don’t remember what I opened that for.

Sad, but Zen.

Back to blob.

I’m loving the new Civil Wars. It’s dreamy and heartbreakish.

I really hate the sound of whistling.

I was never any good at picking out the constellations.

What’s your savvy?

I wish I was more talented at things.

I have no idea what I’m doing. Can’t someone just say, “This. This is the job you are supposed to have” and have that be absolutely true?  Sigh.

To paraphrase: Obama won’t meet with Putin because of the way Russia treats gays, but he’s totally OK with the Muslim Brotherhood. Yeah. Makes perfect sense.

I’m wearing these shorts to work tomorrow. Take that.

Dammit! I got protein drink on the Orwell.

All the hullabaloo that’s going on outside!

That website misused the apostrophe 4 times in one paragraph.

I don’t think he noticed his birthday cupcake. It was patriotic and everything.


I don’t listen to these guys often. I have to be in a particular mood, and that mood is … rare. But this is a good song and the video is kind of hilarious.

Savvy. Savvy?

Interesting. I love Joaquin Phoenix. I have to say no to his mustache as well though. Because just no.

Just no.





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  1. ScottO

    So that sudden trend? Yeah, it’s not so sudden. Still annoying, though.
    Appropriate apostrophe use. ^

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