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Random Wednesday


Officious and pedantic.


I don’t understand the embellished baseball cap thing. It’s just so wrong.

she don’t

memento mori

Neutral Good Human Ranger/Sorcerer (3rd/3rd Level) I haven’t played D&D in so long I wouldn’t have the first clue if I sat down to play it today.

Interesting.  A tad too long. But interesting.

Of course it’s a first world problem. You live in a first world country. Get over it.

I should be a futility goddess or something.

They are pronouncing glaciers “glassiers”. It’s unexpectedly annoying.

I love oranges.

I also love baby lemon faces!

Black Skull

I need this mug. This is how I feel about my job most of the time. I mean a little recognition wouldn’t hurt anybody.

I am so glad I did not marry a man like this. Or have children with a man like this. He really just does not get it at all. I suppose I shouldn’t find it remarkable that so very many people approve of this.

Miss W does not approve of the American Community Survey. She feels the questions are an eensy bit too personal. She went on a rant about how she doesn’t think it’s right that we have to fill out this totally unnecessary survey and it’s nobody’s business what goes on inside this house. My little libertarian rebel, I’m so proud!

I should print this out and hang it in my office.


“These cupcakes will change your life!” Yes. I am that good.

criminology mushrooms.

move my feet

Knitted Meercats. Huh.

Can someone explain how Brad Pitt got deodorant marks on the outside of his jacket??

This will wrench your heart all around.

Why did they name the frog Michigan?

“It’s a “give me money, bitches” blog.”

People are more outraged over some ridiculous Obama mask at a rodeo than they are about any of the myriad ways in which he has worked to eliminate our civil rights. People make my head numb.


I’ve heard the phrase “throw down the gauntlet,” or variations of, twelvety seven times this week. It is now on my list of phrases that should never be uttered again.

The lens IS the camera. Interesting.

It’s not “yes mam.”

Well. I think I’ve read my fill of white liberal bullshit on the internet this morning.

Oooh. I want to read this!

That woman is crazy.

So is that one.

I really don’t like clowns, but yeah.

Pants. Sensitivity training for clowns. People who feel the need to make everything a sexual innuendo.

The library I worked in was never this entertaining.

Uh oh. The internet is out on the Compound. Doooooooom!

Dammit! I forgot my Tylenol!

everything but roller skates

Psycho Pants thinks people actually care about her life. So she tells them all about it. Loudly.

shuffle shuffle shuffle scuff shuffle shuffle shuffle

Final exam, bane of my existence. Curse you and the first year instructor you rode in on!

It was a hallucination or something.

don’t be a

I don’t think I like this Margo Guryan. I liked the one song, but the rest … not so much.

“Why did you make a flyer in PowerPoint?”
“Well, I was just trying different things.”

Why do we sleep? Because we’re bloody tired, man!

You want me to pay you $250.00 to become a conservation steward. And then volunteer on top of that. That seems off somehow.

Riveting. Really. I can tell you’re hanging on my every word.

“This is malicious fecal distribution.”


somewhere out in the dark

So what are you doing now?

I’m starting a new series. Things I Find Outside My Office.




I probably need a Margaret Thatcher poster for my office.

Can almost be forgiven for appearing in that ridiculous “I Pledge” ad with crazy Demi.

I would kind of love to see this guy on the House floor.

I think I have line hypnosis.

These color copies are slippery.

Amanda Palmer is asking Congress to stop punishing people for sharing art. … She means people in violation of copyright laws. Which are in place to protect artists. Like her. And her husband. Amanda? You can share your work as much as you want to. Not every artist feels the same way you do. Just ask a photographer.

Aw, this is cute, and also fun.

Oh. I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s callin’ my name, I hear ya now, I just can’t stay inside all day, I gotta get out, get me some o’ those rays.

Also, it’s just time for my walk.

Yes. Thank you.

CTFD. Man, that’s how I’ve always parented.

Can I say that the phrase “gunnie cosplay” just comes across as some kind of creeptastic kinky sex game that I’d rather not have a visual on?

Yes. Yes, I can because I just said it.


I suppose I should stop at the lab and pick up those prints.

“Hey! These meal worms got loose!”

Ooooh I want to see so many of these in person!


Yessss. It’s almost time for knee high sock weather! Soon! Soooon!

I’m going to be needing some fabric paint.

Boy shorts.

Tell them about my famous blog post. Ha. No one cares about my blog.

OK, but why are they in a tree?

fodder. folderol. fa la la la la.

That’s the second ketchup mishap on the tablecloth this week. On the plus, I’m not in any danger of running out of tablecloths.

My dad is awesome. He helped move Miss W’s secret headquarters today. Which was quite an undertaking.

I like this new group. I actually feel welcome there.

I should be studying, not answering these ridiculous questions.

far away, but not far enough

I really need some new pants.

I’m horribly boring. Ya’ll are going to be so disappointed.

Because all normal people are fat with bad hair?

Yeah, I know it’s old, but it just popped up in my feed again.


I dunno. That might last you an hour. If you really delve into it. Really ponder the hidden meanings. Make up some stories. Whatever.

Ugh. Need new computer.

And a nap. Need a nap. Is it too early to go to bed? le sigh.


Melting Superman …

It’ll all be over tomorrow. One way or another.


Oh GOD, your vaguebooking is getting SO tiresome.

ALWAYS look at the shoes!

So many things to put in the mail.

“If it falls into the wrong hands, we’re ruined!”

That seems like unnecessarily extensive detail on those male mannequins

Oh God. I just remembered Mannequin.

Um. Fuck you. Detroit must pay Detroit’s bills. NOT the rest of us.


It’s not polite to brag.

If you missed this, take a few minutes to read it now. It’s brilliant.

I think I probably need a red velvet cupcake with this cuppa.

The Southwest Michigan Digital Library really needs to add some damn titles. I think I’ve found exactly two of the eleventy books I’ve searched for there.

and flights of angels sing thee


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  1. ScottO

    But Congress don’t punish people. They only define what is punishable, and the punishment.

    Some of those places don’t look abandoned. But yeah.

    Yes, in that artist’s mind, all normal people are fat, have bad or no hair, and sit around in their underwear watching America’s Got Reality or something.

    There was a burger joint called Bailiwick’s in town. They were in an old house, and did great. Moved to a new building down the street. Closed in 6 months. Foolish mortals.

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