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Random Wednesday

wm8636I hate chickpeas.


If the parks are closed because we can’t afford to staff them, why are there people there ready to  arrest you and write you tickets for entering the parks? The parks should be empty. Seems ridiculous to have staff at the park patrolling it but it’s closed to the public. Just like everything else the government does, this makes no sense.

Ah, tell her to piss off.

“The germen’s believed that they were the superior race.” The germen’s? Really??


Shut down. Please.

I really don’t think this antacid is working.

Dammit. I keep forgetting something. Which I’ve just forgotten again.

I’m not so sure about casseroles.

potato potato potato potato

Total bullshit.

I would wear this all the time.

Yeah, using your top 5 strengths from Strengths Finder as your email signature is so incredibly clever. Way to chain yourself inside that box.

Ghost hunting Saturday!

Oh God. Is everything going to incorporate the periodic table in it now? Thanks Breaking Bad. That’s not at all annoying.

That woman looked at my chest the entire time she was here. Now I’m all self conscious.


“You look ridiculously good in cashmere.” Well. Who can argue with that?

You know why I can’t get rid of these Glengary Glen Ross tickets? Because it’s a boring ass play, that’s why.

But. They spelled medieval wrong!

I just got an email addressed to Striker.

I love the Miller-Nin room.

“I think there’s only a half dozen lesbians in Hollywood and they just rotate every few years.”

Woah. Neat!

Dear God.

I don’t know who froze those little plastic wrapped packets of rice, but they don’t look appetizing.

Your lunch always smells revolting. Always. Just stop eating here.

I like that actors in British shows look like real people. Actors in American shows always look like models. Unless they’re over 40, then they look haggard. Or maybe not haggard, but like what Hollywood thinks people over 40 in the real world are supposed to look like. Whatever. They don’t get it right.

Um. It’s STILL not an emergency.

Yeah, this is pretty hilarious.


Of course I automatically think you’re dead.

“It’s hard out there for an annoying pop culture addicted attention whore.”

Sleepy Hollow is kind of meh, but I’m kind of enjoying it anyway, because I love those kinds of shows. Not meh shows. Supernatural types of shows.

I typed supernational.

Donors. We need more donors.

I kind of feel like I’m slightly out of step with time today. As if my time stream were occurring at a slightly slower or faster rate than everyone else’s and as a result I’m lost and alienish.

My interwebs appear to be sickly.

I always forget that British people call underwear “pants.” That can be confusing.

Keep your pants on!


Sorry. Still don’t give a shit about Banksy.


Why do people say “You can’t make this stuff up!”? Of course you can make this stuff up. Or maybe YOU can’t. I make stuff up in my head all the time. It’s called imagination. You should try it.

Gah. Coffee. Stop with the coffee.

“Those profs and students normally using U.S. Gov’t databases will have difficulties accessing these and certain electronic resources (ERIC and Government Docs).  The Government Shutdown is the cause.”

Oooh fancy. That might actually be my first real business lunch. I’d so much rather skip it.

My skin is so dry. It’s insane.

I don’t know why this is suddenly stuck in my head.

Attendance is mandatory.

Dear Lord. Why would anyone need a haggis in the first place, let alone a spare haggis??

Yeah, I can see how shutting down the parks is REALLY making an impact.

I am not sure that there’s much better than being told that someone holds your work in such high regard. I’m just so … my day is made completely.

I got all caught up in that video on the kamikaze and forgot all about you. Sorry.

I thought this stupid week was supposed to cool down, not keep getting warmer. Where’s the cold front that was allegedly coming through on TWO SIDES???

I hate this chair. It’s so hard to do homework in this chair.

Can’t. Stop. Sneezing!

So many forms. SO MANY FORMS!!!


!!!Love it!!!

I’ve never read any Tom Clancy.

My own subscription to Reason! I’m so excited.

I need more Halloween music in my life right now.

I typed mucis.

I probably need more Halloween mucis too. I’d probably spell it mucous though.

The Good Witch says NO.

you sure are



  1. kalamazoojul

    Awesome as always, except now I’ve got the Last Train to Clarksville stuck in my head, along with a disturbing vision of wasps….

  2. ScottO

    I think I’d go for the Tolstoy. The applause machine would likely never go off.

    I was going to comment last week, but stuff. I hope you don’t abandon this blog.

    I read all the Jack Ryan books (Red October, Sum of All Fears, etc.) a few years ago. And I enjoyed them. I have not read the Ops Center books, or any other Clancy works, yet.

    That freebeacon story by Lachlan Markay infuriates me so much! And the WWII memorial, but that other one? Sending goons to close a private business? Just like FDR. Or…some other infamous despot whom I shall not name. Arrrgh!

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